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Fluke Calibration LogWare II Software
Version 1.1, Model 9935

LogWare II Software Key Features
  • Collects real-time data using Hart multi-channel thermometers
  • Calculates statistics and displays customizable graphs
  • Allows user-selected start times, stop times and sample intervals
  • Provides user-defined alarms that trip customizable alarm events
  • Downloads data from thermometer's logs and memory using serial or IR port
  • Includes tools to read/write probe coefficients and other thermometer settings
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New features added to version 1.1
  • Support for the 3560 Communication module, including downloading
  • Simultaneous logging from all channels in real-time
  • Write data for all channels to a single output file
  • Resolved all known Regional Settings issues
  • Added communication and downloading debugging features
  • Bug fixes, including all previous Service Releases
  • LogWare II now ships with a USB to RS-232 adapter included

Turn any Hart multi-channel thermometer readout into a real-time datalogger with Hart's new LogWare II package for Windows and you'll agree this is the easiest data acquisition program you've ever used.

LogWare II lets you acquire data to your PC graphically and store it to text files. It also performs statistical functions automatically on each data set.

LogWare II was designed specifically for temperature data acquisition, although it can also collect resistance, voltage, ratio or other data as well. Set high and low alarm conditions, program a delayed start time, store a data log for a fixed number of readings or length of time, program the acquisition interval from 1 second to 60 hours, and let the software record the data you need the way you need it.

During a log session you can view the data for any or all data sets in a time/value trend graph while the data points are stored to files on your PC. Output the graph to your printer, view the test points from a spreadsheet, or review the pertinent log statistics once your log is completed. With LogWare II you can collect and view data from up to 96 probes simultaneously.

With Hart's Model 1529 Chub-E4 thermometer, there's even more you can do. This readout stores thousands of data points in multiple log sessions. LogWare II lets you download your data into individual log sessions and view each one separately.

Store readings from your freezers, ovens, chambers, and anywhere else you need to record temperature, bring it back to your PC (through a standard serial cable or infrared dongle), and LogWare II will separate each log session into individual data sets. You don't have to load the text files into your spreadsheet and try to figure out which data points went with which log session. LogWare II does all that for you.

LogWare II also gives you the ability to make configuration changes to your thermometer. Program your probe coefficients, write calibration data to your meter, set password-protected parameters, and access other tools specific to your thermometer all from your PC.

Get the most out of your thermometer with LogWare II . If you don't agree this is the best temperature acquisition system for your application, send it back and we'll refund your money. Download a free demo or buy it today and try it out at no risk.

If you already own a Hart multi-channel digital thermometer and want to be able to use all of LogWare II's tools and utilities, check the version of the firmware installed in your thermometer. Although LogWare II will perform real-time logging with any firmware version, the following versions are required to use the Download and Thermometer Settings features of LogWare II

Model Required Firmware
1529 1.35 or later
1560 1.31 or later
1575 Not Applicable
1575A 5.03o/5.03n or later
1590 2.02o/2.02n or later

A firmware upgrade kit is available for the 1560 thermometer if you feel comfortable doing it yourself. Otherwise, the 1560 (base module only) needs to be returned to an authorized Service Center to be upgraded by one of Hart's qualified technicians.

The firmware for the 1529, 1575A and 1590 thermometers can be upgraded simply by running an application from a floppy diskette that can be provided. Contact Customer Support for more details on obtaining a firmware upgrade on diskette.

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Included Accessories
  • (1) USB to RS-232 adapter