Fluke Calibration 5611T-S
Teflon Ref. Thermistor Probe, Spade Lugs

  • Spade lug connector tips
  • Probe tip: 0.12 inch diameter and 1.1 inch length
  • Short-term accuracy to +/- 0.01 °C; one-year drift < +/-0.01 °C
  • Accredited NVLAP calibration optional
  • PTFE encapsulated thermistor
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Fluke Calibration 5611T Shown
The Fluke Calibration 5611T-S Secondary Reference Thermistor probes have the stability necessary for use as high-accuracy thermometry standards. The thermistors are available in a variety of sheath materials appropriate for your specific application. The 5611T S has spade plugs for its connector tips. The Fluke Calibration secondary reference thermistor has a small 0.12 inch diameter with a 1.1 inch probe tip length and very small sensing elements, which means they require far less immersion than a PRT to avoid errors caused by stem effect. Self heating is usually negligible, giving them an advantage when taking measurements in air. Its small size also improves response time, allowing measurements to be taken more quickly. If your application involves frequent handling, you'll be especially interested to know thermistors are less susceptible to mechanical shock than PRTs. The bottom line may be better accuracy in fieldwork. If you're looking for economical lab-grade thermistor probes for accurate work across a narrow temperature range, Fluke Calibration 5611TS Secondary Reference thermistor probes are the best you can buy.
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