Fluke Calibration 5615-6-G
Secondary Ref. Temperature Standard Probe

  • Golden pin connector tips
  • Probe tip: 0.188 inch diameter and 6 inch probe tip length
  • Affordable wide-range accuracy
  • Excellent stability
  • Reference-grade platinum sensing element
  • NVLAP accredited calibration included
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Fluke Calibration 5615 Shown
The Fluke Calibration 5615-6-G Secondary Reference Temperature Standard Probe with golden pins is a probe with an Inconel 600 sheath that's 152.5 mm (6") long and 635 mm (0.250") in diameter. It is a secondary reference temperature standard designed to bridge the gap between the highest laboratory standards and industrial or second-tier lab locations. It has short-term accuracy of +/-0.013 °C at 0.01 °C. The element is constructed of reference-grade platinum wire (99.999 % pure) for excellent stability. The wire is wound in a coil and placed in a mandrel where it's uniformly supported in a manner that virtually eliminates hysteresis. The electrical configuration is a four-wire current-potential hookup that eliminate the effects of lead-wire resistance. This Inconel-sheathed probes have a fully supported sensing element, making them more durable than SPRTs. The element is protected in an ultrahigh-purity ceramic case with a hermetic glass seal to improve output stability by locking out moisture and contaminants. This probe comes calibrated with ITS-90 coefficients, making it compatible with many excellent readout devices, including Hart's 1529 Chub-E4, 1560 Black Stack, and 1502A Tweener. It bridges the gap between a 100-ohm industrial RTD and an SPRT.
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