Flo-Dynamics TSD650LCD
Dipstick X-Changer with Dual New Fluid Tanks

  • Dual new fluid tanks allow user to select fluid type at the touch of a button.
  • Cooler line and dipstick exchange modes
  • Select any quantity from 1-20 quarts
  • Power interruption memory
  • Large dual 28-quart new fluid tanks and 32 quart waste tank
  • Easy to use
  • Pause button
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Large 2.5 gallon-per-minute pump performs faster exchanges
  • 12 volt powered
  • Proven, accurate fluid measurement (+/-3%)
  • LED service indicators
  • Individual add and remove fluid buttons
  • Voltmeter
  • Quart counter
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Flo-Dynamics TSD650LCD Shown

Product Information
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Large backlit LCD screen of TSD650LCD Inline & Dipstick ATF X-Changer provides valuable information and walks the technician through the service making for a faster and easier exchange. Roto-cast polyethylene body won’t scratch vehicle. Adapter rack drains into the waste tank keeping the adapters neat and organized TSD650LSD has 5-inch locking caster wheels. Small platform does not take up a lot of room. It has clear service hoses which provide visual confirmation of fluid exchange.
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
TSD650LCD Flo-Dynamics TSD650LCD Inline & Dipstick ATF Exchanger with two new fluid tanks  Buy Now $7,790.00
Optional Accessories
03065 Flo-Dynamics 03065 Multi Fluid Kit (Test ATF, PSF, Motor Oil, Diff. Fluid. And Brake Fluid -100 Tests)  Buy Now $109.83
03061 Flo-Dynamics 03061 Brake Fluid Test Kit -100 tests  Discontinued
See: 03065
03062 Flo-Dynamics 03062 ATF Test Kit (100 tests)  Buy Now $40.14
03063 Flo-Dynamics 03063 PSF Test Kit (100 tests)  Buy Now $40.14
03070 Flo-Dynamics 03070 Multi Coolant Test Strips (Bottle of 70 test strips)  Buy Now $33.79
Replacement Parts
940304 Flo-Dynamics 940304 Heavy Duty Battery Cables  Buy Now $98.27
940831 Flo-Dynamics 940831 Master Hose Connector  Buy Now $34.67
940785 Flo-Dynamics 940785 Service hose (Black)  Buy Now $71.34
940786 Flo-Dynamics 940786 Sevice hose (Red)  Buy Now $71.34
941728 Flo-Dynamics 941728 Service hose (Grey) TSD Series Units  Buy Now $91.53
941716W Flo-Dynamics 941716W "Y" Manifold for Dipstick service machines  Buy Now $205.15
940796A Flo-Dynamics 940796A Canister filter  Buy Now $25.46
R942150 Flo-Dynamics R942150 Fluid screen (used fluid tank)  Buy Now $6.15
 ATF Import Adapters
941962 Flo-Dynamics 941962 BMW/JAG/Mercedes 12 MM Male/Female Kit  Buy Now $84.39
941963 Flo-Dynamics 941963 BMW/JAG/Mercedes 10 MM Male/Female Kit  Buy Now $84.39
941964 Flo-Dynamics 941964 Volvo V70/850 AWD adapter block Male/Female Kit  Buy Now $69.61
941965 Flo-Dynamics 941965 Volvo S series Adapter Push Lock Male/Female Kit  Buy Now $103.42
ATF Standard Adapters
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