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FLIR E75-24-14-42-NIST

Advanced Thermal Camera with MSX and
17 mm/ 29 mm/ 10 mm Lens, NIST-Certified, 320 x 240, 30Hz

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Brand: FLIR
Model No: E75-24-14-42-NIST
MPN: 78506-0101-NIST
Our Model No: E75241442NIST
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Auto-calibrating 10 mm (42°), 17 mm (24°), and 29 mm (14°) lenses
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • 320 x 240 resolution for crisp, detailed images, including window and door edges
  • Interchangeable lenses allows for complete coverage of near and far targets
  • Laser distance meter provides accurate measurments and visual guidance
  • Detects temperature differences down to 30 mK for early identification of air leaks and moisture
  • Fast, precise laser-assisted autofocus for accurate temperature readings
  • Superior spot-size performance for measurement of small, distant targets
  • MSX image enhancements add depth, detail and perspective to scenes
  • UltraMax super-resolution processing quadruples pixel count
  • Bright and vibrant 4-in. touchscreen LCD with 160° viewing angle and auto-rotation
  • Optically-bonded PCAP touchscreen with quick response
  • Intuitive user interface with logical navigation and improved flow
  • Image annotation through voice, text, onscreen sketch, GPS tagging, and compass
  • Folder and naming structure allows for easy finding of images
  • Comfort-designed handle and convenient buttons allow for safe, one-handed operation
  • True 42° field of view (FOV) lens allows for surveys of wide areas
  • Enhanced image analysis and streamlined reporting through FLIR Tools+ software
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to mobile devices
  • Uses METERLiNK to connect to clamps, multimeters, and moisture meters
  • Rugged, water-tight chassis and scratch-resistant Dragontrail cover glass
  • Building Applications

  • Report problems in building structures for insurance claims, pre-insurance audits, and building inspections
  • Sensitive enough to uncover hard-to-find building envelope deficiencies and moisture penetration
  • Electrical and Mechanical Applications

  • Improves plant safety by helping you diagnose and report electrical problems before they result in fire or damage
  • Laser-assisted autofocus precisely identifies hot spots, even in cluttered scenes

The FLIR E75-24-14-42-NIST Advanced Thermal Camera makes it easier than ever to diagnose problems, even at a distance. FLIR redesigned the Exx-Series to deliver the best performance, resolution, and sensitivity of any pistol-grip handheld thermal camera. With this rugged, intuitive camera you can avoid costly shutdowns and lost production time through regular predictive maintenance routines.

Work Safer

Your job can take you up ladders and into crawl-spaces, so you need tools that can be used one-handed and worry-free. FLIR redesigned the Exx-Series cameras to be tough enough to use every day, with simplified buttons and intuitive screens that allow you to focus on the work at hand.

Tailored to Your Systems

The E75 produces standard radiometric JPEGs that can be opened and viewed without proprietary software. Image files produced by Exx-Series cameras are supported by FLIR's Strategic Developers Kit (ATLAS SDK). This allows companies to use their own Computerized Maintenance Monitoring System (CMMS) to store and derive measurements from thermal images. GPS, compass, current, and voltage measurements embedded in image files are also accessible.

Multiple Targets, One Solution

Not every target is small enough or close enough to image with a standard 24° lens. That is why FLIR designed the new Exx-Series with interchangeable 24°, 42°, and 14° lenses, so that you can use the same camera for every target you survey. The camera auto-calibrates with each new lens to ensure it produces high-quality images and precise thermal measurements.

Building Applications

The E75 can detect even subtle indications of building deficiencies, air leaks and moisture intrusions, so that you can easily quantify and document air leaks, moisture, and other building problems.

True 42° FOV for wide area scans

True 42° FOV

Detects indications of air leaks and building envelope deficiencies

Air Leaks and Envelope Deficiencies

Useful for inspecting radiant heating under floorboards

Radiant Heating Under Floorboards

Inspect for air leaks or water intrusion around windows and doors

Water Intrusion

Find evidence of poor insulation, water leaks, moisture intrusion, and more

Poor Insulation

Use on-camera area measurement to determine the total area of moisture intrustion

Total Area

Identify sources of drafts


Find water leaks and moisture intrusion quickly

Water Leaks

Electrical and Mechanical Applications

The E75 offers the superior resolution and range performance needed to quickly identify hot spots and discover potential points of failure in electrical distribution and mechanical systems. Quickly troubleshoot electrical distribution and mechanical systems, so that you can avoid equipment failures, increase plant safety, and maximize up-time.

Image notations include distance to target, compass reading, and GPS location data

Image Notations

Survey machinery and electrical systems to assess working condition

Survey Machinery and Electrical Systems

Hot spots on functioning machinery may be an early indication of a problem

Functioning Machinery

Find hot spots in electrical systems

Electrical Systems

Inspect machinery and systems for signs of unexpected heat

Unexpected Heat

Center spot can be moved via the touchscreen to measure different areas of the target

Center Spot

Find faulty electrical circuits before they fail

Faulty Electrical Circuits

High temperatures ranges, up to 1500°C

High Temperature Ranges

MSX Technology

Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) Technology adds visible spectrum definition to IR images by detecting the edges of objects. Text becomes clearly visible so that you can read a label or identifier within the IR image. This exclusive function provides extraordinary thermal detail that instantly highlights and orients problem locations and eliminates the need to refer back to a visual image for detail.

Breaker panel (MSX)

Breaker panel (MSX)

Missing insulation - summer day (MSX)

Missing insulation - summer day (MSX)

Warm drain pipe - wall (MSX)

Warm drain pipe - wall (MSX)

FLIR Tools Mobile App Features

  • Import stored images wirelessly
  • Adjust the temperature span and contrast levels
  • Change color palettes
  • Add temperature measurement tools
  • Play back voice comments
  • Auto and manual focus
  • Adjust picture-in-picture, thermal fusion, and IR and visible light image blending
  • Remote control your FLIR infrared camera
  • Support for MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) images
  • Support for sketch images on both IR and visual with toggling ON/OFF feature
  • Support for same FOV (field of view match)
  • Editable text comment
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NIST Certificate of Traceability

FLIR's exclusive 12-Point Inspection and Calibration Program uses temperature references that are calibrated annually and traceable to the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

12-Point Inspection and Calibration Program:

  • Perform a complete operational check
  • Image calibration and camera alignment, when applicable
  • Verify all internal cable and PCB connections
  • Upgrade internal camera software to latest revisions
  • Perform minor repairs
  • Verify and/or calibrate IR image as needed each temperature range for image uniformity
  • Verify ambient temperature compensation as needed
  • Re-calibration to ensure it meets factory specification
  • Perform quality approved acceptance test procedure
  • Provide certificate of conformance
  • Provide calibration certificate (optional, extended calibration certificate with measured values)
  • Clean optics; viewfinder cleaned when applicable
  • *Does not include parts or labor required to meet calibration standards, nor additional lens/filter calibrations.
  • 1 - E75 Thermal Imaging Camera
  • 1 - Certificate of Traceability to NIST
  • 1 - 10 mm Lens (42° x 32° FOV)
  • 1 - 17 mm Lens (24° x 18° FOV)
  • 1 - 29 mm Lens (14° x 10° FOV)
  • 2 - Batteries
  • 1 - Battery Charger
  • 1 - Front Lens/Light Protection
  • 1 - Hand and Wrist Strap
  • 1 - Lanyard
  • 2 - Lens Caps (Front, Rear)
  • 1 - Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 - 15 W3 A Power Supply
  • 1 - 8 GB SD Card
  • 1 - Torx Screwdriver
  • 1 - USB 2.0 A to USB Type-C Cable
  • 1 - USB Type-C to HDMI Cable
  • 1 - USB Type-C to USB Type-C Cable
  • 1 - User Manual (Printed)
EXX Series Innovation
EXX Series Innovation
EXX Series Overview
EXX Series Overview
EXX Series Electrical Mechanical Applications
EXX Series:
Electrical Mechanical Applications
EXX Series Building Applications
EXX Series:
Building Applications
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Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (294 KB)
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