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FLIR E6 & E60 Educators Promotion

Enroll in FLIR’s Educational Discount Program to Get 50% Off a New E6 or E60!

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FLIR thermal imager is one of the most powerful and flexible troubleshooting tools a tradesman can carry today. And there’s a high demand from students eager to learn about this vital technology. That’s why FLIR is offering educators a 50% discount, making it incredibly affordable to add one to your program.

With a new FLIR E6 or E60, you'll be providing students an opportunity to discover the amazing ways thermal imaging finds problems that are normally invisible. This is cutting-edge technology that can help them enhance their skills and gain a distinct advantage in today's workplace.

Numerous Applications – Find hidden air leaks, missing insulation, moisture intrusion, electrical overloading, mechanical wear, and other thermal anomalies to help reduce energy waste, downtime, and safety hazards.

Beats IR Thermometers Hands Down – Get thousands of temperature measurements in every thermal image to show you the whole scene instead of working blind with only one spot reading at a time.

The FLIR E6: One of FLIR’s most affordable for building inspections, energy performance, restoration, and safety checks.
  • 160 x 120 infrared resolution meets RESNET standard
  • Wide 45° field of view to capture more of the scene
  • MSX thermal image enhancement with visible detail
  • Focus-free lens & bright LCD for point-and-shoot simplicity
The FLIR E60: Feature-rich and an exceptional thermal imaging value for predictive maintenance troubleshooting
  • Superior 320 x 240 thermal image resolution with MSX
  • Wi-Fi communication to mobile devices for fast image sharing
  • Video out to monitors and recorders for viewing and documentation
  • MeterLink data connectivity from FLIR clamp and moisture meters

Camera & Training Support – Your new camera comes with a DVD loaded with a classroom PowerPoint, guidebooks and videos. Count on FLIR support to get you up and running, and on the Infrared Training Center for continuing education opportunities through ITC camera and thermography courses

FLIR Educators Package Includes:
  • FLIR camera (E6 or E60) & hard case
  • FLIR Tools analysis & reporting software – free download
  • Downloadable PDFs of Thermal Imaging Guidebooks for Building & Renewable Energy Applications, Industrial Applications, and Research and Development
  • Videos on the fundamentals of infrared, the benefits of thermal imaging, and examples of building and industrial applications
  • Classroom-ready PowerPoint presentation on the fundamentals of thermal imaging with plenty of infrared camera application images

Terms & Conditions:

  • Available to certified educators for classroom teaching at vocational and technical schools only, subject to approval by FLIR.
  • For more information or to request the discount with your purchase, please call us at 800.517.8431 or email our