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FLIR RS32 4 - 16X

ThermoSight Infrared Rifle Scope, 320 x 240 Resolution, 16x Zoom

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Status: Not Available
Brand: FLIR
Model No: RS32 4 - 16X
MPN: 431-0017-04-00
Our Model No: RS32416X
Condition: NEW
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RS32 4 - 16X


Not Available
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Product Features:

  • Important Disclaimer: The use of thermal scopes for game and non-game hunting varies dramatically by state; check state and local regulations before purchasing this product
  • Multiple resolution and lens options
  • 3-inch eye relief
  • 16x Zoom
  • Advanced Image Correction
  • Shock Reduction System
  • Simple, 4-button operation
  • Three reticle settings with a repeatable and dependable zero
Interface (from top): USB port, power/calibration button, zoom in/menu navigation button, main menu button, zoom out/menu naigation button Click for larger image

Scope Interface

The FLIR RS32 4 - 16X ThermoSight Infrared Rifle Scope, 16x Zoom, 320 x 240 VOx Resolution is the ideal night vision, non-game hunting scope because it detects heat energy, instead of visible light. Day or night, the body heat of animals will stand out against cooler backgrounds when seen through the R-Series scope.

Conventional image intensified night vision scopes cannot match the power of thermal because they require illumination from moonlight or other sources. They also cannot reveal what is hiding in the shadows, or in low-contrast environments in the same way that thermal vision can.

The RS32 4 - 16X offers up to six different detection palettes, including FLIR's exclusive InstAlertTM, which displays the hottest temperatures in red so you can detect animals, people and other warm objects more easily.

The RS32 4 - 16X is built to perform under extreme conditions. An internal shock reduction system (SRS-M) is qualified for an MSR semi-automatic platform, up to .308 Cal. Plus, the R-Series' water-resistant casing can be submerged in up to three feet of water.

The RS32 4 - 16X combines outstanding image quality with an easy-to-use design. The scope optimizes images automatically using FLIR's own advanced image correction technology. Large, glove-friendly buttons - combined with a simple menu interface - give users access to every key setting in three clicks, or less.

The images below represent how different lenses impact the field of view of an R-Series scope with a 320 x 240 resolution, scanning hogs approximately 50 meters away:









FPA 320 x 240 VOx
Frame Rate 60 Hz
Lens Focal Length 60mm
Focus Manual
Video Out Yes
Weight < 2.4 lbs.
Electronic Zoom Up to 4x
Color palettes Black, white, sepia, iron, red, InstAlert
Display Active matrix LCD
Display Resolution 640 x 480
Eye Relief 3 in.
Dimensions 8 in. x 3.3 in. x 2.9 in.
Reticles Duplex, fine Duplex, German
Reticle Colors Black, white, red, green
Diopter Adjustment +/- 6
Operating Temperature -4 - 122°F (-20 - 50°C)
Storage Temperature -40 - 140°F (-40 - 60°C)
Ingress Protection IPX7, Submersible 1m for 30 min
Weapon Interface MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail
Battery Life > 4 hrs of use
Battery Type Internal Li-ion
Battery Charging Standard USB interface with included wall charger
User Interface Simple 4-button interface
On Screen Symbology Battery charge, ezoom state
Weapon Compatibility MSR semi-automatic up to .308 Cal.
Export Controlled ITAR-controlled product and available exclusively in the United States
Lens Covers
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4137996 Flir 4137996 Rear Optic Visible Lens Cover for the ThermoSight Add to Cart


Power Supply
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4128548 Flir 4128548 USB Charger for Scout LS and RS, US-Only (US/UK/EU/AUS Plugs) Add to Cart


FLIR Tactical Thermal Sights
FLIR Tactical Thermal Sights
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