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Flir MR77

5-in-1 Moisture Meter, METERLiNK Technology

Model No: MR77
Our Model No: MR77
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Field Replaceable Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Integrated IR Thermometer provides fast non-contact surface temperature measurements
  • Remote pin-type probe (included) allows for contact moisture readings
  • Large LCD screen clearly displays moisture, humidity, and air temperature levels
  • FLIR Tools Mobile connects the FLIR MR77 to your compatible smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth
  • METERLiNK technology wirelessly integrates moisture readings on your image with FLIR Thermal Cameras
  • All the sensors you need: Integrated pinless moisture sensor, Temperature and Relative Humidity, IR Thermometer and external Moisture Pin Probe
  • Grains Per Pound or Grains Per Kilogram
  • Dew Point
  • Condensation Point
  • Differential Temperature (IR and Dew Point)
  • Material/Wood Groups
  • High/Low Humidity and Moisture Alarms
  • Store
  • Recall
  • Min/Max
  • Data Hold
  • Auto Power Off
  • Bright White LED Backlight
  • Low Battery Indication

The FLIR MR77 5-in-1 Moisture Meter with METERLiNK Technology performs all of the critical and advanced measurements professionals demand. The Flir MR77 is a rugged and feature-rich moisture meter that is designed to help you tackle critical restoration and remediation projects. It uses a pinless sensor or an external pin probe to accurately measure the moisture content up to .75 inches below the surface of various wood types and building materials. The MR77 also features a field-replaceable temperature/humidity sensor, Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices, and the ability to capture surface temperatures using a spot IR thermometer with laser pointer.

Technical Summary Range Basic Accuracy
Pinless Moisture 0 - 99.9 Relative
Pinless Moisture Depth Max .75 in. (19mm) -
Pin Moisture 0 - 99% WME -
Relative Humidity 0 - 99% RH +/- 2.5% RH
Sensor Temperature -18 - 170°F (-28 - 77°C) +/- 3.6°F (+/- 2°C)
IR Temperature -4 - 392°F (-20 - 200°C) +/- 3.5%
IR Distance to Spot Ratio 8 in. : 1 in. -
IR Emissivity .95 (fixed) -
Vapor Pressure 0 - 20kPa +/- 2%
  • 1 - 5-in-1 Moisture Meter, METERLiNK Technology
  • 1 - 9V Battery
  • 1 - User Manual (CD)
  • 1 - Temperature/RH Sensor
  • 1 - Wired Pin Probe
  • 1 - Limited Lifetime Warranty
Carrying Cases
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MR04 Flir MR04 Extension Pole Add to Cart


MR10 FLIR MR10 Protective Case for FLIR Moisture Meters Add to Cart


TA12 FLIR TA12 General Purpose Accessory Case (Case only) Add to Cart


TA15 Flir TA15 Universal Soft Sided Case Add to Cart


TA50 FLIR TA50 Magnetic Hanging Strap for DM9x, IM7x Series Add to Cart


Line Splitters
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TA55 FLIR TA55 AC Current Line Splitter Add to Cart


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MR77-NISTL FLIR MR77-NISTL 5-in-1 Moisture Meter, METERLiNK Technology, NIST Certificate of Traceability Add to Cart


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MR-PINS2-10 Flir MR-PINS2-10 2 Inch Pins for MR06, MR07 & MR08, Includes (10) pairs Add to Cart


MR-PINS2 Flir MR-PINS2 2 Inch Pins for MR06, MR07 & MR08, Includes (1) pair Add to Cart


MR-PINS4 Flir MR-PINS4 4 Inch Pins for MR06, MR07 & MR08, Includes (1) pair Add to Cart


MR-PINS6 Flir MR-PINS6 6 Inch Pins for MR06, MR07 & MR08, Includes (1) pair Add to Cart


Model Description Buy Now Price
MR01 Flir MR01 Replaceable Temp/RH Sensor for Flir MR77 Add to Cart


Test Leads, Probes, and Clips
Model Description Buy Now Price
MR02 FLIR MR02 Replacement Pin Probe for FLIR MR77 Moisture Meter Add to Cart


MR05 FLIR MR05 Impact Pin Moisture Probe Add to Cart


MR06 FLIR MR06 Wall Cavity Probe Add to Cart


MR07 FLIR MR07 Hammer Probe Add to Cart


MR08 FLIR MR08 Hammer and Wall Cavity Probe Bundle Add to Cart


MR09 Flir MR09 Baseboard Probe Add to Cart


TA60 FLIR TA60 Thermocouple Probe with Adapter Add to Cart


TA70 FLIR TA70 CAT IV Insulated Alligator Test Probe Clips Add to Cart


TA72 Flir TA72 3000A CAT IV Universal Flex Current Probe Accessory, 10" Length Add to Cart


TA74 Flir TA74 3000A CAT IV Universal Flex Current Probe Accessory, 18" Length Add to Cart


TA80 FLIR TA80 CAT IV Silicone Test Leads Add to Cart


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