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10 in. (25cm) True RMS Flexible Clamp Meter, Bluetooth, NIST Certificate of Traceability

Brand: FLIR
Model No: CM55-NIST
Our Model No: CM55NIST
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Snake the coil around obstacles with ease, even in deep, crowded cabinets
  • True RMS AC Current up to 3,000 Amps for multiple conductor measurements
  • Inrush current function for equipment start-up spikes
  • Standalone flexible clamp meter displays the readings you need
  • Bright, dual LED worklights provide built-in illumination for dark cabinets
  • Drop tested to 3 meters, portable, lightweight, and tangle-free without compromising measurement range
  • Connect to iOS and Android smartphones or tablets
  • Multiple units wirelessly connect for remote viewing of multiphase systems
  • Data recording for trend analysis transferable via Bluetooth
  • 10 in. (25.4cm) for easy maneuverability and compact convenience
Flexible cable works into tight areas Click for larger image

Flexible Cable

The FLIR CM55-NIST 10 in. (25cm) True RMS Flexible Clamp Meter, Bluetooth, NIST Certificate of Traceability is an ergonomic tool designed to simplify difficult current measurements. Made with a narrow flexible coil clamp, the CM55-NIST lets you easily take measurements in tight or awkward spots - a difficult task with a traditional hard jaw clamp meter. With Bluetooth communication for remote viewing and data transfer to iOS and Android devices via the FLIR Tools Mobile App, you can analyze and share data fast right from the jobsite.

Bluetooth capability gives readings at safe distances Click for larger image

Bluetooth Capability

NIST Certificate of Traceability

FLIR's exclusive 12-Point Inspection and Calibration Program uses temperature references that are calibrated annually and traceable to the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

12-Point Inspection and Calibration Program:

  • Perform a complete operational check
  • Image calibration and camera alignment, when applicable
  • Verify all internal cable and PCB connections
  • Upgrade internal camera software to latest revisions
  • Perform minor repairs
  • Verify and/or calibrate IR image as needed each temperature range for image uniformity
  • Verify ambient temperature compensation as needed
  • Re-calibration to ensure it meets factory specification
  • Perform quality approved acceptance test procedure
  • Provide certificate of conformance
  • Provide calibration certificate (optional, extended calibration certificate with measured values)
  • Clean optics; viewfinder cleaned when applicable
  • *Does not include parts or labor required to meet calibration standards, nor additional lens/filter calibrations.
Flexible Clamp Meter
Maximum AC Current 3000A
AC Response True RMS
AC Current Ranges and Resolution 30A, 300A, 3000A
Basic AC Current Accuracy (of Reading) +/- 3% + 5 digits
Maximum Resolution .01A
AC Current Bandwidth 45 - 500 Hz (sine wave)
Inrush Current Min 0.5A, 100mS
Data Record Mode 20,000 points; 1 min sample rate
Positional Error (Distance from Optimum) .6 in. (15mm) +/- 2%, 1 in. (25mm) +/- 2.5%, 1.4 in. (35mm) +/- 3%
Meter Data
Display 3000 count LCD with backlight and multi-function indicators
Max Conductor Diameter 2.4 in. (6cm)
Flex Coil Length 10 in. (25cm)
Flex Coil Diameter .3 in. (7.5mm)
Flex Coil Tip Diameter .5 in. (13mm)
Worklight White LEDs (x2)
Bluetooth Range Max 32 ft. (10m)
Wireless ID# Max Up to 20
Power Supply AAA Batteries (x2)
Drop Test 9.8 ft. (3m)
Agency Approvals FCC ClassB, CE, UL
Safety Rating CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V
Standards EN61010-1, EN61010-2-032, EN61326-1
  • 1 - 10 in. (25cm) True RMS Flexible Clamp Meter, Bluetooth
  • 1 - NIST Certificate of Traceability
  • 2 - AAA Batteries
  • 1 - User Manual
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FLIR CM55 & CM57 Flexible Clamp Meters
FLIR CM55 & CM57 Flexible Clamp Meters
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