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True-RMS Digital Clamp Meter, AC/DC, 600V/400A, Type K Thermocouple

Brand: FLIR
Model No: CM46
Our Model No: CM46
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Measures 600V AC (digital low pass filter) and 600V DC votage
  • Measures clamp-on 400A AC current
  • Measures clamp-on 400A DC current
  • Measures 50-400 Hz frequency
  • Measures 2V diode
  • Measures 2000 μA DCμA
  • Measures -40 - 400°C (-40 - 752°F)
  • Accu-Tip enables more accurate amperage measurements on smaller-gauged wires
  • MAX/MIN/AVG recording
  • Data hold, zero function, and low pass filter for voltage measurement
  • Durable to withstand a 1-meter drop, and operates at -10 - 50°C (14 - 122°F)
  • Large, bright backlit display makes readings easy to see
  • Tough, over-molded, easy-to-grip design and slim, portable sizeBuilt to accept up to a 30mm max conductor
  • Electrical field detection determines if voltage is present and the relative strength of the field for safety
  • True RMS professional clamp meters
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The FLIR CM46 600V 400A AC/DC Digital True RMS Clamp Meter, Type K Thermocouple is a professional and affordable True RMS meter designed for commercial and residential electricians. The CM46 offers both AC/DC measurement; it is equipped with a bright backlit display for ease of use inside electrical panels. Accu-Tip™ technology delivers amperage measurements on smaller-gauged wires more accurately (to a tenth of a digit). CM46 offers MAX/MIN/AVG recording, frequency measurement, and electrical field detection to help determine voltage presence and relative strength of the field. Made with an over-molded, easy-to-grip design, the CM46 clamp meter is durable enough to withstand a two-meter drop, and its slim form factor is convenient to carry in your toolbag, wherever you go.

Technical Summary Max Range Basic Accuracy
DC Voltage 600V +/- 1%
AC Voltage (Digital Low Pass Filter) 600V +/- 1%
AC + DC Voltage (Digital Low Pass Filter) 600V +/-1.2%
Clamp-On AC Current (50-100 Hz)/(100-400) 400A +/- 1.8%/+/- 2%
Accu-Tip Clamp-On AC Current 60A +/- 1.5%
Clamp-On DC Current 400A +/- 2%
Accu-Tip Clamp-On DC Curre 60A +/- 2%
Frequency 50-400 Hz +/- 1%
Resistance 60 kΩ +/- 1%
Capacitance 2500 μF +/- 2%
Diode 2V +/- 1.5%
DCμA 2000 μA +/- 1%
Temperature -40 - 400°C (-40 - 752°F) +/- 1%
General Specifications
Display 5/6 digits 6000 counts
Operating Temperature -10 - 50°C
Continuity 10Ω < & < 250Ω
Recording Min/Max/Avg
Backlight LCD Yes
Drop Test 2m
Certifications UL, CE
Category CAT IV: 300V/CAT III 600V
Jaw Opening 30mm Max
Battery Type AAA (x2)
  • 1 - 600V 400A AC/DC Digital True RMS Clamp Meter, Type K Thermocouple
  • 2 - AAA Batteries
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