Fisher WLT
Water Level Indicator

  • Sturdy stand and reel
  • Standard lengths: 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 feet
  • Metric: 50, 100, and 150 meters
  • Handy reel type spool
  • High tensile strength cable
  • Flexible brass probe
  • Metal tag numbering every five feet or every meter
  • Self-contained power supply using a standard (9) volt battery
  • Audio alert and visual alert LED indicate contact with water
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Fisher Labs WLT Shown

Product Information
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The WLT Water Level Indicator provides an economical and reliable means of obtaining accurate water level data in water wells. Contact of the electrode assembly with the water surface is indicated by an LED and an audio alert.

The brass electrode assembly is 3/8” in diameter and can be replaced in the field. The WLT is available with a 1/2” diameter brass on a special-order basis. The cable is two-conductor, steel and copper plated, with a tensile strength of approximately 300 pounds and a tough plastic insulating jacket. It is mounted on a small handheld spool and stand to conveniently extract or withdraw the cable and electrode assembly.

Depth indicated by numbered metal tags securely crimped to the cable at intervals of five feet or every meter on the metric model WLTM.
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
WLT100 Water Level Indicator 100 ft.  Buy Now Sale $346.00
(Reg. $364.00)
WLT200 Water Level Indicator 200 ft.  Buy Now Sale $395.00
(Reg. $416.00)
WLT300 Water Level Indicator 300 ft.  Buy Now Sale $435.00
(Reg. $458.00)
WLT400 Water Level Indicator 400ft.  Buy Now Sale $470.00
(Reg. $495.00)
WLT500 Water Level Indicator 500 ft.  Buy Now Sale $519.00
(Reg. $546.00)
WLTM-50 Water Level Indicator 50 meters  Buy Now Sale $395.00
(Reg. $416.00)
WLTM-100 Water Level Indicator 100 meters  Buy Now Sale $470.00
(Reg. $495.00)
WLTM-150 Water Level Indicator 150 meters  Buy Now Sale $543.00
(Reg. $572.00)
Included Accessories
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Optional Accessories
2015773240 300' w/ brass probe WLT  Buy Now Sale $214.00
(Reg. $225.00)
2015773260 500' w/ brass probe WLT  Buy Now Sale $332.00
(Reg. $350.00)
2015773280 1000' w/ brass probe WLT  Buy Now Sale $594.00
(Reg. $625.00)
201577 Brass probe WLT  Buy Now Sale $76.00
(Reg. $80.00)