Fieldpiece SIP3
Digital Shirt Pocket IR Thermometer

  • The SIP3 is among the most compact IR thermometers in the HVAC/R industry
  • With a 1:1 field of view, the, compact design makes taking accurate temperature readings easier, better and faster
  • It has a 1°F resolution and the IR sensor is faster than thermistor-based thermometers
  • Has a -22°F to 230°F temperature range
  • Features Auto-Power Off (APO) to conserve battery life
  • Come with a neck band or pocket clip so you always have accurate temperature readings close by
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Fieldpiece SIP3 Shown
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SIP3  Fieldpiece SIP3 Shirt Pocket IR Thermometer Buy Now Sale $24.80
(Reg. $31.00)
Optional Accessories
RLR44 Fieldpiece RLR44 Replacement Battery 2-Pack for the SPK1,SWT2,SIL2,SIP2, and SNCV1 Buy Now Sale $2.80
(Reg. $3.50)