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Fieldpiece SIP2

Shirt Pocket IR Thermometer

Brand: Fieldpiece
Model No: SIP2
Our Model No: SIP2
Condition: NEW


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Product Features:

  • Compact, accurate Shirt Pocket Thermometer
  • Accuracy: +/- 1.8°F
  • 1:1 Cone of view

The Fieldpiece SIP2 is a handy and accurate Shirt Pocket Thermometer. The SIP2 uses a sensor that is more accurate than most. Accuracy is +/- 1.8°F. When used to measure ambient air temperature, the 1:1 cone of view enables the technician to easily get an average temperature of a large area. With narrower cones of view, a "hot spot" or "cold spot" can significantly affect the readings. For registers and grills, you need to get close.

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