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Fieldpiece SRS1

Refrigerant Scale, for Residential and Light Commercial Use

Brand: Fieldpiece
Model No: SRS1
Our Model No: SRS1
Condition: NEW
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  • Charging & recovery weight alarms
  • Easy to carry
  • 0.25 oz (0.01 kg) resolution
  • Water resistant
  • Max Weight 110 lbs (50 kgs)
  • Non-slip Cushioned Design
  • Full Numeric Keypad for Fast Operation
  • Strong Magnetic Back on Handle

The Fieldpiece SRS1 refrigerant scale is big enough to comfortably fit a canister, but compact and light weight enough to carrly easily. Weighs up to 110 lbs (50 kgs) in increments of 0.25 oz (0.01kg).

Heavy Duty - The SRS1 has the ruggedness needed for the HVACR field with thick aluminum walls to maintain accuracy, and rubber feet and rubber pad to soften the impact of daily use. It's also water resistent. The scale itself can withstand a downpour, while the handle needs a little more care because of the electronics inside (it can handle some rain, but please don't drop it in a lake).

Charging and Recovery Alarms - You can quickly set a charge or recovery alarm using the big numberic keypad without scrolling through digits. Once you dial in how much refrigerant to charge or recover you can work on other tasks, knowing the alarm will sound when it hits your target.

Easy to Carry - Weighing less than seven pounds, and housed in a heavy duty soft-sided case, the SRS1 refrigerant scale is easy to throw over your shoulder when you need to carry other things or climb a ladder.

  • 1 - Soft-sided Padded Case with Shoulder Strap
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