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Fieldpiece SCM4

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Brand: Fieldpiece
Model No: SCM4
Our Model No: SCM4
Condition: NEW
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  • Field-replaceable CO sensor
  • Calibrate to ambient quickly with the ZERO button
  • Audio/visual alarms with mute
  • Fast electro-chemical sensor
  • Magnetic hanger for hands free
  • Fast electrochemical sensor helps you find CO sources like cracked heat exchangers or breached flue stacks
  • Alarm rate increases as carbon monoxide concentration increases
  • MAX hold to help you zero in on the source
  • Bright-blue backlit dual-display to test in dark crawl spaces
  • Auto Power Off (APO) to save battery life (easy to disable)
  • Battery check with % of battery life left displayed

The Fieldpiece SCM4 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector has a very fast reaction time, and measures CO in parts per million (ppm). Its electrochemical sensor is fast enough for walk-around tests. It is intended to measure levels of CO in still ambient air. The most practical application is to determine if the indoor CO levels are higher than outdoor levels and to determine the source of higher concentration. In many cases, it can help locate sources of CO. It uses a high quality field replaceable sensor with a life primarily determined by the type of exposure.

The "Walk-Around" Test: The SCM4 is fast enough to respond instantly to changes in CO levels. If you see a difference in CO levels from outside to inside, you need to find the source of CO. Walk around and watch the display. By constantly going towards the area of highest concentration, you can determine the source of CO. Persistent sources of CO, such as malfunctioning combustion equipment in occupied spaces, must be serviced immediately. When searching for sources of CO, make sure that you never put yourself or anyone else in danger of excessive exposure to CO. Overexposure to CO can have long-term health effects and can be fatal.

Zero the unit outdoors away from any source of CO, Enter the structure, Walk around and watch the display, Move toward the area of highest concentration to find the CO source

  • 1 - 9V Battery (installed)
  • 1 -Operator's Manual
Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(706 KB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon(1.7 MB)
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