Fieldpiece DDSM1
Draft Simulator

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Product Information
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  • Easily Calibrate Any Adjustable Pressure Switch
  • Always have the Right Pressure Switch on your Truck
  • No Need to Carry a Wide Variety of Pressure Switches
  • Mimics Pressure Produced by Live Draft Inducers
  • Replaces Unreliable “Checking” Procedures
  • Reduces Call Backs
Pressure switches are often out of calibration before they completely fail, and it is for a wide variety of reasons - all of which can cause the furnace to operate in an unsafe manner.

The DDSM1 Draft Simulator creates a controlled vacuum to test pressure switches, so technicians can tell exactly when a pressure switch closes and opens. This either proves that the switch is within specification, or identifies if the switch is starting to fail.

Plus, the DDSM1 is the only tool able to calibrate adjustable pressure switches to manufacturers’ specifications. This saves contractors from carrying a large inventory of pressure switches on their trucks, and from leaving the job site to buy pre-calibrated switches.
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DDSM1 Fieldpiece DDSM1 Draft Simulator Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - One set of test leads
  • 2 - Hoses
  • 2 - Hose adapters
  • 1 - Operator’s manual