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Fieldpiece DL3
Expandable HVAC/R Data Logger

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Product Information
Datasheet 1.06 MB PDF Datasheet
HVAC Guide 2.7 MB PDF Datasheet
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  • TRIG (trigger) switch position. Set DL3 to record only the data you need
  • Enhanced data scroll
  • Bright, blue backlight
  • Export data in .xls format
  • Record data points manually, automatically, or trigger to log outside a range
  • Real-time clock: second, minute, hour, day, month, year
  • All data points are time stamped
  • Multiple data sets of various parameters can be stored
  • Easy downloading to a PC
  • Cost-effective, multi-channel recording using multiple DL3 Data Loggers
  • 20,000 data points
  • Combine with the AAV3 Anemometer to easily determine CFM

The DL3 Expandable HVAC/R Data Logger from Fieldpiece Instruments measures and records any parameter from any accessory head Instrument we offer. The Fieldpiece DL3 holds up to 20,000 data points and can be set to record in a range from once every second to once every 999 hours. Record and export data in .xls format to your PC for use in work orders, troubleshooting and service contracts while a real-time clock time stamps every data point for pinpoint accuracy. Techniciancs can use multiple data loggers to monitor several parameters to make troubleshooting and commissioning easier. The updated functions of the Fieldpiece DL3 to include features commpnly requested when designing the Datalogger. Combined with Fieldpiece's accessory head instruments, the Fieldpiece DL3 is the most versatile data logger for HVAC/R field service.

The Fieldpiece DL3 measures any single parameter from any of Fieldpiece's accessory head instruments from once every second to once every 999 hours. For example, if ther user wanted to measure the temperature of a walk-in refrigeration unit, simply use any accessory head that measures temperature through a k-type thermocouple over night, for a few day, or, (although unlikely) once every month and 11.625 days.


A common customer complaint is "The system runs all the time". With multiple Fieldpiece DL3s, the user can determine if the system is indeed running all the time as well as troubleshoot the cause of the problem. Put one Fieldpiece DL3 HVAC/R Data Logger with an ACH4 on the condenser to log amperage to track the time when the system is running and how hard. At the same time, log indoor temperature by using the Fieldpiece DL3 with an ARH4 to see if the target temperature is being reached and if the system is performing as it should.

By downloading the data from two DL3s into a spreadsheet the user can analyze it, line up the times, format the data and perform mathematical operations, and format the graph into a excel spreadsheet.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
DL3  Fieldpiece DL3 Expandable HVAC/R Data Logger Buy Now Sale $172.00
(Reg. $215.00)
Included Accessories
  • 1 - IR to USB Data Cord
  • 1 - Fieldpiece Data Logger Software CD
  • 1 - 9V battery (installed)
  • 1 - Operator’s manual
Optional Accessories
RCBLDL5 Fieldpiece RCBLDL5 USB cable for DL2 / DL3 Buy Now Sale $16.80
(Reg. $21.00)
ANC1 Fieldpiece ANC1 4 pocket Deluxe Meter Case Buy Now Sale $12.80
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