Fieldpiece S365
Charging Jacket for TXV systems

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Fieldpiece S365 Shown
  • Charge TXV systems from 37°F —70°F outside
  • Service maintenance contracts before and after the summer heat
  • Easy to adjust to reach correct pressure differential
  • Great way to increase business during the slow season
  • Field tested for accuracy

The Fieldpiece S365 Charging Jacket is a reliable way to charge TXV systems in cold weather. Normally low temperatures remove too much heat from the condenser coils, so HVACR professionals should only work on TXV systems when the outside air temperature is 70°F or higher.

Now, the Fieldpiece S-365 Charging Jacket solves that problem, and TXV systems can be accurately charged down to 37°F outside. The Fieldpiece S365 is the perfect tool to dramatically extend the hours in a day, and the days in a year, where techs can install, service, and charge TXV systems.

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