Fieldpiece ATAF1
-50°F to 900°F Range Hi-temp K-Type Clip-on thermocouple

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The Fieldpiece ATAF1 -58°F to 1000°F Range Hi-temp K-Type thermocouple can be used with any thermometer which accepts a K-type thermocouple. Unlike a conventional Teflon or Nylon insulation, the Fieldpiece ATAF/1's fiberglass insulation can withstand temperatures up to 900°F continuous use and 1000°F one time exposure. The Fieldpiece ATAF-1 high temperature thermocouple can be used in residential and commercial ovens as well as broilers and boilers or any other application up to 900°F. The Fieldpiece ATAF1 also comes with a wrap tab making it easy to wind and store the thermocouple.

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ATAF1  Fieldpiece ATAF1 Hi-temp K-Type Clip-on thermocouple (-50° to 900° Range) Buy Now Sale $28.80
(Reg. $36.00)
Optional Accessories
ATEXT10  Fieldpiece ATEXT10 10' Extension Cable for K-Type Thermocouple Buy Now Sale $37.60
(Reg. $47.00)