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Fieldpiece AOX2

Combustion Check Accessory Head

Brand: Fieldpiece
Model No: AOX2
Our Model No: AOX2
Condition: NEW
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  • Measures %O2 and Flue Gas Temperature
  • Calculates %CO2
  • Natural Gas, Oil #2
  • Stable LED
  • °F and °C switchable
  • Auto off to conserve
  • battery life
  • Accuracy (O2, CO2): ±0.3% reading
  • Accuracy (Temp): ±0.6% + 3°F
  • Includes pump, water trap, and hi-temp thermocouple

The Fieldpiece AOX2 Combustion Check Accessory measures percent oxygen (%O2) and flue temperature and calculates percent carbon dioxide (%CO2). The AOX2 is an affordable alternative to full-function combustion analyzers. It's designed for techs who want to do everyday combustion testing and tuning, without paying for all of the costly extras found on combustion analyzers - extras they don't need or care about.

The AOX2 allows you to easily calibrate combustion equipment such as boilers or furnaces to the manufacturer’s specified % CO2, or % O2. Tuning the CO2, O2 stack temperature and temperature rise to match the appliance manufacturer’s specifications will increase efficiency and help maximize performance and life expectancy of the equipment. Tuning typically involves adjusting the air/fuel ratio.

  • 1 - AOXP2 Manual Flue Pump
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