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Fieldpiece ACM4

Carbon Monoxide Detector Accessory Head

Brand: Fieldpiece
Model No: ACM4
Our Model No: ACM4
Condition: NEW
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  • Field-replaceable CO sensor
  • Fast electrochemical sensor
  • Display measurements smoothly (average) or real-time (normal)
  • Zero set to ambient

The Fieldpiece ACM4 Carbon Monoxide Detector Accessory Head is a carbon monoxide detector (CO detector) for use with Fieldpiece modular instruments. It has a fast reacting electrochemical sesor specific designed to detect carbon Monoxide (CO). Use the ACM4 to hunt down sources of potentially life-threatening, poisonous gas. And easily replace the sensor in the field when necessary.

Carbon monoxide (CO), a product of combustion is an oderless, colorless gas. Faulty combustion equipment is one source of this dangerious gas known as the "silent killer".

The ACM4 carbom monoxide detector measures CO in parts per million (ppm). Use it for walk-around tests to help pinpoint sources of CO indoors.

  • 1 - Calibration Screwdriver
  • 1 - 9V Battery (installed)
  • 1 - Operator’s Manual
Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(706 KB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon(1.6 MB)
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