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EZ Digital OS-5030A

30 MHz 2-Channel Dual Trace Analog Oscilloscope

Brand: EZ Digital
Model No: OS-5030A
Our Model No: OS5030A
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 30 MHz bandwidth, 2 channels, dual trace
  • 6" rectangular CRT with internal graticule
  • Sensitivity 1mV/div
  • ALT triggering function (Vert Mode)
  • CH2 polarity inversion switch
  • High sensitivity X - Y mode
  • Sweep magnification (X10)
  • TV sync separator circuit for stable TV signal observation
  • 400V maximum input voltage

The OS5030A Analog Oscilloscope is excellent in both high quality and performance. The lower price range allows the oscilloscope to fit perfectly into school, industry, service center and hobbyist. The OS5030A is an oscilloscope with a frequency bandwith of DC to 30MHz that display 2 traces on 2 channels. The OS5030A oscilloscope provides a set of powerful features for a wide range of applications including production, maintenance, service, research and development.

The OS5030A oscilloscope has ADD function for measuring the sum of two signals, as well as X-Y operation function, alternate trigger and independent TV synchronizing signal separate circuit so that television and other composite video signal waveforms can be observed, and is designed for compact size and portable function.

  • 1 - User's manual
  • 2 - Spare fuses
  • 1 - Power cord
  • 2 - Oscilloscope Probes
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