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EZ Digital OS-8100A Full-Featured
100 MHz Analog Oscilloscope, Discontinued

  • Wider than specified frequency response.
  • Fast rise time less than 3.5ns with low overshoot.
  • Dynamic range up to 100 MHz without waveform distortion.
  • Low input capacitance less than 22 pF.
  • 3 channel traces and alternate sweep function convenient for observation of multiple signals.
  • High vertical sensitivity of 1mV/div.
  • High brightness with domed-mesh CRT.
  • Signal delay with delay line useful for observation of signal start point.
  • Auto focusing tracks the change of intensity.
  • Alternate and chopping display.
  • Algebraic sum of CH1 and CH2. Polarity inversion (CH2 only).
  • Bandwidth limit of 20MHz. Brightness modulation with Z-axis input.
  • Drift compensation circuit employed in vertical amplifier for low drift.
  • Maximum sweep rate of 2ns/div.
  • Delayed sweep function.
  • Single sweep mode..
  • Jitterless and high trigger sensitivity.
  • TV sync. separation and hold-off circuit useful in video signal observation. X-Y phase difference measurement up to 2MHz
  • Compact design with outstanding functions.
The OS-8100A analog oscilloscope has a frequency bandwidth of 100 MHz to bring together high quality and performance at an economical price.