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EZ Digital OS-3060D
Digital Storage Oscilloscopes w/Analog Mode
OS-3000 Series

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  • Frequency bandwidth of 60 MHz
  • One-touch Switching Between Real (Analog) and Digital Storage modes
  • Dual Channel, Delayed Sweep, TV Synchronization Trigger
  • 20 MS/s. Sampling Rate, Two Save Memories
  • 2 Kilowords Memory Capacity per Channel
  • Pre-triggering enables observation of waveform portions before the trigger point
  • Direct copy of screen display using HP-GL commands through RS-232C interface
  • Comprehensive Communication Software, Model LS-3000, available
  • Roll mode provides continuous observation of slow waveforms
  • An averaging function provides summation averaging up to 256 times
  • Linear and sine interpolation function for optimum pulse or sinusoidal signals
  • Magnification function simplifies detailed waveform observation
  • CRT readout for displaying set values along with measured values of voltage, time and frequency using the cursor function
  • Includes Two Probes
  • Two Year Warranty
Specifications OS-3020D OS-3040D OS-3060D
CRT Configuration and Useful Screen 6-inch rectangular screen with internal graticule: 8 X 10 Div (1 div = 1 cm)
Accelerating Potential +1.9 kV approx. +11.5 kV approx. +11.5 kV approx.
Phosphor P31 (Standard)
Focusing possible with auto focus correction circuit
Trace Rotation Provided
Scale Illumination Variable
Intensity Control Provided
Z-Axis Input
(Intensity Modulation)
Input Signal

Positive going signal decreases intensity (+5 Vp-p or more signal causes noticeable modulation at normal intensity settings.)

Bandwidth DC -2MHz (-3dB) DC -3.5MHz (-3dB)
Coupling DC
Input Impedance 20kΩ  - 30kΩ  typical
Maximum Input Voltage 30V (DC + peak AC)
Vertical Deflection Bandwidth (-3dB)

(DC Coupled)
DC to 20MHz normal
DC to 7MHz magnified

DC to 40MHz normal
DC to 7MHz magnified
DC to 60MHz normal
DC to 10MHz magnified
(AC Coupled)
10Hz to 20MHz normal
10Hz to 7MHz magnified
10Hz to 40MHz normal
10Hz to 7MHz magnified
10Hz to 60MHz normal
10Hz to 10MHz magnified
Modes CH1, CH2, ADD, DUAL
(CHOP: Time/Div. switch - 0.2s to 5ms.
ALT: Time/Div. switch - 2ms to 0.2µs)
(CHOP: Time/Div. switch - 0.2s to 5ms.
ALT: Time/Div. switch 2ms to 0.1µs)
Deflection Factor

5mV/Div to 5V/Div in 10 calibrated steps of a 1-2-5 sequence.  
Continuously variable between steps at least 1: 2.5
X5 MAG: 1mV/Div to 1V/Div in 10 calibrated steps.

Accuracy normal: ±3%, magnified: ±5%
Input Impedance approx. 1MΩ  in parallel with 25pF ±3pF 
Maximum Input Voltage Direct: 250V (DC + peak AC), (with probe: refer to probe specification)
Input Coupling DC - GND - AC
Rise Time 17.5 ns or less (50 ns or less: x5) 8.8 ns or less (50 ns or less: x5) 5.8 ns or less (35 ns or less: x5)
CH 1 Out 20 mV/Div into 50Ω: DC to 10MHz (-3dB)
Polarity Inversion CH2 only
Signal Delay None delay cable supplied
Horizontal Deflection Display Modes A, A int, B, B TRIG' D, X-Y
Time Base A 0.2µs/Div to 0.2s/Div in 19 calibrated steps, 1-2-5 sequence, uncalibrated continuous control between steps at least 1:2.5 0.1µs/Div to 0.2s/Div in 20 calibrated steps, 1-2-5 sequence, uncalibrated continuous control between steps at least 1:2.5
Hold-off Time variable with the hold off control
Time Base B 0.2µs/Div to 20µs/Div in 7 calibrated steps 1-2-5 sequence 0.1µs/Div to 0.2s/Div in 20 calibrated steps, 1-2-5 sequence, uncalibrated continuous control between steps at least 1:2.5
Delayed Sweep 1 Div, or less to 10 Div, or more
Delay Time Jitter better than 1:20,000
Sweep Magnification 10 tims (maximum sweep rate: 20ns/Div)
Note: 50 ns/Div, 20 ns/Div of A TIME BASE are uncalibrated.
10 tims (maximum sweep rate: 10ns/Div)
Accuracy ±3%, additional error for Magnifier ±2%
Trigger System Modes auto, norm, TV-V, TV-H
Source CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT
Coupling AC
Slope + or -
Sensitivity and Frequency (ATUO, NORM)   20Hz-2MHz 2MHz-20MHz   20Hz-2MHz 2MHz-40MHz   20Hz-2MHz 2MHz-60MHz
INT 0.5 Div 1.5 Div INT 0.5 Div 1.5 Div INT 0.5 Div 1.5 Div
EXT 0.2 Vp-p 0.8 Vp-p EXT 0.2 Vp-p 0.8 Vp-p EXT 0.15 Vp-p 0.3 Vp-p
TV-V, TV-H at least 1 Div or 1.0Vp-p Composite Sync.
External Trigger
Input Impedance
Max. Input Voltage 250V (DC+peak AC)
X-Y Operation X-Axis

(same as CH1 except for the following)
Deflection factor: same as that of CH1
Accuracy: ±5%
Frequency Response: DC to 500kHz (-3dB)

Y-Axis same as CH2
X-Y Phase Difference 3° or less (at DC to 50MHz)
Readout Function Cursor Readout Function

Voltage reference DV: D-REF, Time reference DT: D-REF, Frequency reference 1/DT:D-REF

Panel Setting Displays

Vertical axis CH1, CH2: V/Div, UNCAL, MAG (converted value)
Note: displayed when the vertical mode is CH1, CH2, DUAL, ADD not displayed when the B mode 
Horizontal axis: S/DIV, UNCAL, MAG (converted value)

Effective Cursor Range from Center Graticule

Vertical: within ±3Div
Horizontal: within ±4Div

Resolution 1/25 Div
Digital Storage Function Display Memory 1000 words/CH
Save Memory 1000 words/CH X 2
Acquisition Memory 5µs/Div ~ 20s/Div: 2000 words/CH
0.2µs/Div ~ 20µs/Div: 1000 words/CH
5µs/Div ~ 20s/Div: 2000 words/CH
0.1µs/Div ~ 2µs/Div: 1000 words/CH
Vertical Resolution 25 Point/div
Horizontal Resolution 100 Point/div
Maximum Sampling Rate 20Ms/s
Digital Bandwidth Single Shot Event 5MHz
Repetitive Event 20MHz 40MHz 60MHz
Data Acquisition Method

NORM mode: storage the data each time trigger
AVG mode: averaging from 4 to 256 times
ROLL mode: data is continuously stored on the CRT
HOLD mode: data is held for the NORM, AVG, ROLL
SINGLE mode: wave form is held after stored
AMAG mode: simultaneously displaying the original waveform and its magnified waveform
G-NG mode: judgment and comparing of acquisition signal

Data Save Up to two storage data can be saved.  Saved data can be recalled to the display whenever required.
Pre-Trigger Variable (0.04 Div step)

Plotter output of the CRT displayed information to an HP-GL.  Plotter via the RS-232C interface

Data Output RS-232C
Magnified Display X10 by Time/div switch or MAG switch
X-Y Operation

Single trace X-Y X axis=CH1 • X axis=SA, Y axis=CH2 • Y axis=SB
Dual trace X-Y X axis=CH1 Y axis=CH2
Sensitivity X axis: CH1 1mV~5V/Div ± 5% Y axis=CH2 1mV~5V/Div ±5%
Phase error 3° or less from DC~50kHz

Sweep Time

0.2µs/Div/20s/Div repetitive signal: 0.2 µs/Div~2µs/Div
Roll mode: 0.5s/Div~20s/Div ALT: 0.2µs/Div~0.5ms/Div
CHOP: 1ms/Div~20s/Div

0.1µs/Div~20s/Div repetitive signal: 0.1µs/Div~2µs/Div
Roll mode:0.5s/Div~20s/Div
ALT: 0.1µs/Div~0.5ms/Div
CHOP: 1ms/Div~20s/Div

Readout Function (Panel setting display)
V/Div, uncal, MAG, S/Div, uncal, MAG
X-Y, Trigger point, number of averaging roll mode, smoothing, interpolation method, save memory information, probe setting (cursor readout)
Voltage difference DV: D-Ref, Time difference D-T: D-REf, Frequency 1/DT:D-Ref, Pre-Trigger TRG:D
Calibration Probe Adjustment approx. 1kHz frequency, 0.5V (±3%)
square wave duty ratio: 50%
Power Supply Voltage Range/
100, 120, 220, 240, VAC ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption approx. 65W
Physical Characteristics Weight approx. 8.5kg
Size 320 mm (W) X 140 mm (H) X 430 mm (L)
ENVIRONMENTAL CHARACTERISTIC Temperature Range for Rated Operation +10°C to +35°C (+50°F to +95°F)
Max. Ambient Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C (+32°F to +104°F)
Max. Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to +158°F)
Humidity Range for Rated Operation 45% to 85% RH
Max. Ambient Operating Humidity 35% to 85% RH
The OS-3000 series is stylish, compact, light-weight, and is ideally suited for versatile applications including: R & D, Production Testing, Process Control, Education, and Service & Repair. State-of-the-art Surface Mounting Technology provides high quality and reliability at very an economical price. These instruments can receive and transmit digital data through the RS-232C interface. The OS-3000 series is easy to operate and designed to meet the IEC-348 safety requirements.
Ordering Information
Description Buy Online Price
OS3020D EZ Digital OS-3020D 20MHz, 2 Ch Digital Oscilloscope Discontinued
OS3040D EZ Digital OS-3040D 40MHz, 2 Ch Digital Oscilloscope Discontinued
OS3060D EZ Digital OS-3060D 60MHz, 2 Ch Digital Oscilloscope Discontinued
Optional Accessories
LS3000 EZ Digital LS3000 Communication Software Discontinued