EZ Digital LS-3000 RS-232C Software Pack
for OS-3020D/3040D/3060D

  • RS-232C software pack for digital storage oscilloscope models, OS-3020D, OS-3040D, OS-3060D
  • Vrms, Vp-p, VI, TI, frequency measurement and calculation
  • On-off display of waveform
  • Vertical position control
  • Screen cursor selection and movement
  • Horizontal  and vertical magnification
  • Grid on-off control
  • Up lead and down load
  • Status saving
  • Waveform printing
  • Different color display of each channel

With this program, you can transmit, save and recall waveform data sampled by digital storage oscilloscopes to a personal computer for later use of for further analysis of data.
Composition RS-232C interface cable, 3.5 inch diskette, operation manual
Operation environment IBM PC XT/AT compatible or higher / VGA(640 X 480)display / DOS V3.3 or higher / Printer (LG laser printer, 24 pinhead type Epson dot matrix LQ series, HP desk jet series)
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LS3000 EZ Digital LS3000 Communication Software Discontinued