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EZ-Digital, HEM-1000,2000 and 3000
Hall Effect Measurement System

  • DC output: voltage: 0-15V, current: 0-7A, maximum output
  • Display: 4-digit auto range, back-light LCD
  • Load regulation: 0.005% +2mV and below
  • Line regulation: 0.005% +0.5mV and below
  • Ripple voltage: maximum 1mV
  • Memory Storage: maximum 100 points
  • Dynamic auto sequence: time, slope, counter setting available
  • Excess current and voltage protection
  • Convenient controls through jog dial
  • PC interface: GPIB, RS-232C (RS-485)
  • HEM 1000 (Manual Measurements)
  • HEM 2000 (Manual, Automatic Measurements)
  • HEM 2500 (Completely Automatic)
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  • Research Applications for semiconductors
  • Physics Departments
  • Electrical Engineer Departments
The HEM is a system is a device that can recognize the properties of a semiconductor by measuring the mobility, carrier density and resistance through Hall Effect.  The HEM has high accuracy, performance and quality in a small and affordable model.  The HEM has both manual and automatic measurements.

Automatic Controls and Rapid Results Using Pc's:
Every action is automated on the PC: in 2 minutes up to 20 Hall voltages can be calculated, in one measurement up to 5 repeated calculations are made so the average is displayed

Measurable materials:
All semiconductors such as Si, SeGe, SiC, InGaAs, InP, GaN

Diverse data index:
Bulk and sheet carrier concnetration, mobility, Hall coefficient, average resistance, magneto resistance, alpha and bulk resistivity

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