<< EZ Digital DC Power Supplies

EZ Digital GP-305, GP-503, GP-505
DC Power Supplies,

  • Ruggedized Construction
  • Output Voltage: 0-30V (GP-305), 0-50V (GP-503/GP-505)
  • Output Current: 0-3A (GP-503), 0-5A (GP-305/GP-505)
  • Separate Voltage and Current Displays
  • Less than 1.5mVp-p Ripple
  • Overload Protection
  • Series and Parallel Operation
  • Constant Current and Constant Voltage Operation
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GP-305 GP-503
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SPEC/MODEL GP-4303D GP-305 GP-503 GP-505
Output Voltage 0~30V continuously variable 0~50V continuously variable
Output Polarity Positive and Negative
Output Current 0~3A 0~5A 0~3A 0~5A
Ripple Voltage Less than 1.5 mVp-p Less than 2 mVp-p
Output Stability Less than 5mV for power source voltage change of ±10%
Less than 5mV for lad variation of 0 to 100%
Voltmeter ±(1%+1digit) ±2.5% of Full Scale
Amperemeter ±(1%+1digit) ±2.5% of Full Scale
Insulation Between chassis and output terminal : More than 10MΩat DC 500V
Between chassis and AC plug : More than 50MΩ  at DC-500V
Compensation/ Protection Circuit Overload protection circuit of constant self-restoring type
Operation Series and Parallel
Ambient Temperature Range 0 ~ +40°C
Power Requirement AC 100/120/200/240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension (W x H x D, mm) 131x143x253 220x120x295


Weight Approx. 4kg Approx.7.8 kg Approx. 8.0 kg Approx.9.8 kg
Accessories Short Circuit bar x1, Fuse x1
EZ Digital's DC power supply series has excellent reliability and electrical performance. They are well suited for research & development, production test, burn-in, or as an all purpose power source.
Ordering Information
Description Buy Online Price
GP305 EZ Digital GP305 Analog Meter  Discontinued
Replaced by: GP1305
GP503 EZ Digital GP503 Analog Meter  Discontinued
Replaced by: GP1503
GP505 EZ Digital GP505 Analog Meter  Discontinued
Replaced by: GP1505