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EZ Digital DS-1150 and DS-1150U
Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
See: DS-1100

  • Frequency Bandwidth:DC ~150MHz
  • 5.7" Mono LCD Display, 2 CH Dual Digitizer
  • 100MS/s Simultanceous Maximum Sampling Rate per Channel.
  • 200MS/s Sampling Rate for one Channel only
  • 25GS/s Equivalent Sampling Rate per Channel
  • High Speed Screen update using 16bit μ processor
  • 10ns Peak Detection for Gilitch Capture
  • Long Memory Max. 32KBytes/CH for flexible Waveform Zoom In/Out
  • Direct Single Trigger Capture Function using a hot-key
  • Simultaneous 5 Waveform information
  • Auto measurement and FFT analysis
  • Auto Trigger level Setting to 50%
  • Saving 10 Waveforms & set up parameters
  • Hold-Off
  • Fast Trigger On/Off
  • Convenient inserting interface card for RS-232C, Hardcopy and USB

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The DS1150 utilizes a 16-bit high speed microprocessor that enables the oscilloscope to typically acquire at a rate of 100,000 points per second to speed updates to the display.

The 32 kB of memory allows captured waveforms to be zoomed in and analyzed in detail.  Also, the built-in 10 ns peak detection circuit enables capture of high frequency noise, even at a low speed time/div settings.  The noise can be then magnified and analyzed with the zoom-in function.  10 waveforms and front panel set ups can be saved.  Previously exclusive to high-priced oscilloscopes, the built-in FFT provides diversified analysis.

CH1 and CH2 DC~150MHz - 3 dB
(DC~40MHz - 3dB at 2mV/div)
Input R & C 1MΩ±1.5%, approx. 20 pF
Dynamic Range (from center screen) More than 8 div at 150MHz
Sensitivity (per division)
CH1 and CH2 2mV/div~5V/div (1-2-5 step) except 0.25µs/div
Accuracy 2mV/div: ±5%
5mV/div~5V/div: ±3%
Input Coupling AC, DC, GROUND
Maximum input
DC + Peak AC 400V (DC + AC Peak) (AC <1kHz)
Square Waveform Rising Time Approx. 2.3 ns
Input Coupling Offset ±0.2div at 5mV/div~5V/div
±0.5 div at 2mV/div
Cross Talk
Channel Isolation Less than 0.3div at 50MHz
CH1, CH2 Balance
ATT BAL ±0.2div at 5mV/div~5V/div
±0.5 div at 2mV/div
Drift ±0.3div/h
Resolution Approx. 80ps
Time/div Equivalent: 2ns/div~0.1µs/div
Real time: 0.25µs/div~0.1s/div
Roll Mode: 0.2s/div~5s/div
Pre Trigger Max. 10div
Position Movement 10div
Max. Sample Rate 200MS/s for one channel
100MS/s per channel
25GS/s per channel in equivalent sampling range
Sampling Resolution 8 bit
Single Shot BW Max. 20MHz
Peak Detect 10ns (5µs/div~5s/div)
Record Length Max. 32kbytes/CH
Average Number of averages selectable/2~128
Persistance Real time mode only
CH1 and CH2 Freq. 5mV~5V/div 2mV/div
DC~10MHz 0.5div 0.5div
10MHz~80MHz 1.5div 1.5div at 10MHz~40MHz
80MHz~150MHz 2.0div
Trigger Type Edge, TV
Trigger Slope Positive Edge Negative Edge
Trigger Source CH1, CH2, EXT, LINE
Trigger Couple AC, DC, LF-rej, HF-rej
Trigger Sync Line, Field
Trigger Level Extent INT: ±3div, EXT: ±35% of 4 Vpk
Set Level to 50% ±0.2div
External Trigger Sensitivity 0.2Vpp (DC~150MHz)
External Trigger Input Maximum Input 400V (DC + AC Peak) (AC < 1kHz)
External Trigger Input R&C About 1M Ohm
Display 5.7 inch LCD with CCFL backlight
Resolution 320 X 240 pixels
Controls Front-panel intensity control
Automatic Measurements Amplitude (Pk-Pk, RMS, Mean)
Frequency, Rise time, Falling time, period
Pulse width (positive, negative), Duty ratio
FFT Rectangular, Hanning, Hamming window
Utility System staus, error log view
option setup
Self Calibration
Save/Recall 10 waveforms
10 front panel setups
Math (CH1 CH2) Addition, subtraction, inversion
Auto Setup 50Hz ~ 150MHz at more than 60mVpk
External I/O (option) RS-232C, SPP*, USB
Hard Copy Hard Copy through the SPP or RS-232C
Supported Printer DeskJet™, LaserJet™ with PCL level 3
Printy2™, RS-232C thermal printer
*SPP is standard parallel Port.
DeskJet and LaserJet is a registered trademark of HP.
Printy2 is a registered trademark of SANEI Electric Inc. 
Power Requirement 90VAC~250VAC
Power Consumption Max. 30W
Ambient Temperature
10°C ~ 35°C (when automatic calibration is performed in the range of 25±5°C)
Operating 0°C ~ 40°C
Storage -10°C ~ +60°C
Operating 45 ~ 80% RH
Storage 35 ~ 85% RH
EMC CE (EN 61326)
Size 370 X 167 X 338 (unit mm)
Weight 5.5 kg
Warranty 1 year
Safety CE (EN 61010-1), C-UL (UL 3111-1/CSA 1010-1)
Pollution degree II
CH1 Display ON Run/Stop RUN
CH1 Input Coupling Mode DC Coupling Cursor Mode OFF
CH1 Volts/div 20mV Display Grid Full
CH1 Vertical Position +2 div Display Format YT
CH1 Probe Attenuation Setting 10x (10:1) Display Type Dots
CH2 Display ON Display Persistence OFF
CH2 Input Coupling Mode DC Coupling Acquire Average OFF
CH2 Volts/div 20mV Acquire Peak Detect OFF
CH2 Vertical Position -2 div LCD Contrast 50%
CH2 Probe Attenuation Setting 10X (10:1) RS-232C Baud Rate 19200
Time Base 0.1 ms RS-232C Parity None
Trigger Mode AUTO RS-232C Stop bit 1 bit
Trigger Source CH1 Measure OFF
Trigger Coupling DC Math Display OFF
Trigger Slope Rising Slope Recall Display OFF
Trigger Level 0 div Record Length 1k
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
DS-1150 EZ Digital DS1150 Monochrome Display Oscilloscope Discontinued
See: DS-1200
DS-1150C  EZ Digital DS1150C 150MHz, 25GS/s, Color Display Oscilloscope, 32K Memory Discontinued
See: GDS-3152
Optional Accessories
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(Reg. $15.00)
T5100 EZ Digital T5100 100 MHz, 1X/10X Oscilloscope Probe, 3.9' Cable Length  Buy Now Sale $27.00
(Reg. $30.00)