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EZ Digital DM-313,
 Handheld Digital Multimeter

  • 3 and 1/2 digit display, 2000 count
  • 0.5% basic accuracy on DC volts
  • Auto/Manual range select type
  • AC/DC Volts/Amps
  • Resistance
  • Diode
  • Continuity Check
  • Data Hold Function
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Overload Protection
  • Safety Rubber Holster
  • Wrong Position Protector in the 10A input terminal
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DM-313 Specifications
DC Voltage Range


Resolution 0.1mV/1mV/10mV/100mV/1V


AC Voltage Range


Resolution 0.1mV/1mV/10mV/100mV/1V
Accuracy ±(0.75%+5digit)
DC Current Range 20mA/200mA/10A
Resolution 10µ/100µA/10mA
Accuracy (20mA~200mA ranges):±(0.75%+2digit)
(10A range):±(1.5%+5digit)
AC Current Range 20mA/200mA/10A
Resolution 10µA/0.1mA/10mA
Accuracy (20mA~200mA ranges):±(1.0%+5digit)
(10A range):±(2.0%+7digit)
Resistance Range


Resolution 0.1Ω/1Ω/10Ω/100Ω/1kΩ/10kΩ
Accuracy (200Ω~2MΩ ranges):±(0.75%+1digit)
(20MΩrange):±(1.0%+1 digit)
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