Extech 380801 and 380803
Appliance Tester/Power Analyzer

Compact Battery Operated Device for Analyzing AC/DC Power Loads with RS-232 Interface and Windows Software

  • Four simultaneous LCD display of Watts, Power Factor or VA, Voltage or Hz, Amps
  • True RMS Voltage and current measurements of sine, square, triangular and distorted wave forms with a crest factor < 5
  • Plug device to be tested directly into the Power Analyzer
  • Built in Datalogger (380803) stores up to 1,012 readings.  Choice of single record storage or continuous datalogging
  • 380801 used for data Acquisition when connected to a PC
  • Choice of battery or AC/DC adaptor provides line isolation
  • Max Recall, Data Hold, Overload Protection
  • Sampling (update) rate is 2.5 times per second
  • Windows®based software allows user to download stored data or save data directly, and to create an ASCII file. Computations include phase angle, apparent and reactive power, consumption and cost, and power factor correction
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 Extech 380801
   Extech 380803
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Manual 604 KB
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Included Accessories
  • Software
  • Serial cable
  • 8 - AA batteries
  • Power cord
  • 117 VAC adaptor
  • Carrying case

*NOTE: Items ordered with optional NIST calibration will require
approximately 10 days to complete the certification.