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Extech MM560 and MM570
MultiMaster™ Series Precision MultiMeters
Discontinued MM560A and MM570A

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     Extech MM570
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     Extech MM560
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  • 0.02% basic DCV (MM570) accuracy with 1µV maximum resolution at 500,000 counts
  • 50,000 count (500,000 for DCV and Hz) backlit LCD display with bargraph
  • Filtered frequency function with adjustable trigger levels for variable speed motor drives and high voltage applications
  • Special True RMS combination AC+DC function for measurements of rectified AC (non-symmetrical) voltage & current waveforms
  • AC/DC current to 10A with 0.01µA resolution
  • 4 to 20mA, displayed as 0-100% for process current measurements
  • Max/Min recording with autoranging
  • Capacitance, Frequency, Resistance, Continuity, Duty cycle and Diode tests
  • High resolution to 1&mircro;V, 0.0001Hz, 0.01, 0.01µA and 0.1°
  • dBm measurements with 20 selectable impedances
  • Features include auto power off, Relative & Hold
  • Peak function captures transient pulses
  • On power-up, meter defaults to last set function
  • Audible and visible test lead misconnection warning
  • Optional Windows® 95/98 compatible PC communication software and optically isolated cable


  • Up to 20kHz True RMS ACV bandwidth
  • 600V input protection on all functions (1000V on Voltage)


  • Up to 100kHz True RMS ACV bandwidth
  • 1000V input protection on all functions
  • T1, T2 and T1-T2 dual Type K input temperature display in °F or °C
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
MM560A-NIST Extech MM560A-NIST True-RMS Multimeter, 1000V, 10A, w/50000/500000 Count LCD w/NIST Calibration Buy Now
MM560 Extech MM560 Multimeter, Multimaster 500,000 Count Discontinued
See: MM560A
MM570 Extech MM570 Multimeter, Multimaster 500,000 Count w/ Temp Discontinued
See: MM570A
MM570NIST  Extech MM570 Multimeter, Multimaster 500,000 Count w/ Temp and NIST calibration Discontinued
See: MM570A
Included Accessories
  • Test leads
  • Type K thermocouple probe (MM570)
  • Protective holster
  • 9V battery
Optional Accessories
871515 Extech 871515 Temperature Probe K Type (General Purpose) Buy Now Sale $30.95
(Reg. $41.99)
881605 Extech 881605 Type K 6 General Purpose Probe (1472 Deg F/ 800 Deg C) Buy Now Sale $35.11
(Reg. $47.99)
881602 Extech 881602 Type K 6 Surface Probe (1472 Deg F/800 Deg C) Buy Now Sale $48.27
(Reg. $67.99)
881603 Extech 881603 Stainless Steel Type K Immersion Probe (-40 to1472°F/-40 to 800°C) Buy Now Sale $35.11
(Reg. $47.99)
CA899Extech CA899 Case, Vinyl w/ Shoulder Strap, Belt Loop Buy NowSale $14.31
(Reg. $15.99)
TL805 Extech TL805 Double Injected Test Leads Buy NowSale $12.52
(Reg. $13.99)
TL807Extech TL807 Alligator Clips, 2 Pack for Multix SeriesDiscontinued
TP200 Extech TP200 Type K Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe Buy Now Sale $29.99
(Reg. $40.99)
TP400 Extech TP400 Type K High Temperature Pipe Clamp Probe Buy Now Sale $61.95
(Reg. $82.99)
TP873 Extech TP873 Bead Wire Type K Temperature Probe Subminiature with Banana Connector Buy Now Sale $14.31
(Reg. $15.99)
TP870 Extech TP870 Bead Wire Type K Temperature Probe (-40 to 482 F) Subminiature Connector Buy Now Sale $14.31
(Reg. $15.99)
TP875 Extech TP875 Bead Wire Type K Temperature Probe (-58 to 1000 F) Buy Now Sale $25.95
(Reg. $35.99)
TP882 Extech TP882 Type K High Temperature General Purpose Penetration Probe Buy Now Sale $32.95
(Reg. $44.99)
SW810  Extech SW810 Software, Disk and Cable for Multimaster Series   Discontinued

*NOTE: Items ordered with optional NIST calibration will require
approximately 10 days to complete the certification.