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Extech TL831

Master Electrical 10 Piece Industrial Grade Test Lead Kit

Brand: Extech
Model No: TL831
Our Model No: TL831
Condition: NEW
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  • 10 piece kit industrial grade test leads
  • Conveniently stored in a pouch case
  • TL726 - Double Molded Silicone Test Leads
  • TL747 - Electronic Sharp Test Probe Set
  • TL741 - Heavy Duty Plunger Style Hook Clip Set
  • TL742 - Heavy Duty Plunger Style Pincer Grip Set
  • TL740 - Industrial Plunger Style Test Clips
  • TL709 - Medium Alligator Clip Set

The Extech TL831 Master Electrical Test Lead Kit is an industrial grade ten piece kit. This kit includes the TL726 double molded silicone test leads, the TL747 electronic sharp test probe set and the TL741 heavy duty plunger style hook clip set. This kit also includes the TL742 heavy duty plunger style pincer grip set, the TL740 industrial plunger style test clips and the TL708 large alligator clip set. The Extech TL831 Master Electrical Test Lead Kit is conveniently stored in a pouch case.

  • 1 - Pouch Case
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