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E-Mon D-Mon GDP250 Series
Gas Meters with Pulse Output,

E-Mon 250 Series is a 4 chamber diaphragm type gas meter. Its compact size, light weight, long life, high accuracy and maintenance-free operation make it a perfect choice for retrofit or new applications. This meter is ideally suited to light commercial or larger residential use. Meters are equipped with pulse output for interfacing with interval data recorders. The 250 is for use with loads ranging from 200 to 250 CuFt/Hr. These meters can accommodate pipe sizes of 3/4" and 1". The last digits in the model numbers indicate the pipe size. The meter is shipped complete with a connection kit.

While the 250 series is normally used for natural gas, it can also be used to monitor many other common gases. Contact us for specification details for other gas types.

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GDP250TC20LT34 E-Mon D-Mon GDP250TC20LT3/4 Temperature Compensated 3/4" Gas Meter with Pulse Output  Discontinued
GDP250TC20LT1 E-Mon D-Mon GDP250TC20LT1 Temperature Compensated 1" Gas Meter with Pulse Output Discontinued