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E-Mon D-mon E10196

51-100 Meters Energy Software with
Start-Up & Client Server

Brand: E-Mon D-mon
Model No: E10196
Our Model No: E10196
Condition: NEW


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Product Features:

  • 51-100 Meters
  • With Start-Up
  • Client Server
  • Create load profiles and charts of energy usage data.
  • Monitor individual tenants, depar
  • Communicate with meters via a variety of options that can utilize your existing infrastructure and avoid costly rewiring.
  • tments, pieces of equipment, common areas or entire buildings.
  • Accurately allocate utility costs based on actual usage by departments, cost centers and tenants.
  • Generate utility bills for tenants and departments.

Chart Energy Use

  • Identify poor performers by benchmarking energy levels at multiple facilities.
  • Monitor all utility services, including electric, gas, water and steam.
  • Schedule energy data collections to occur automatically.
  • Determine specific processes that are not energy efficient.
  • Assess and chart power quality parameters.
  • Evaluate, in near real-time, the impact of critical load-shedding activities.
  • Compare energy usage by day, week, month or year.

Cost Allocation

  • Prove bill accuracy with historical energy use records.
  • Generate tenant bills and usage statements for all utilities including electric, gas, water and steam.
  • Select from more than 80 utility rate tables for your customizable regional billing template.
  • Allocate energy costs based on tenants’ actual energy usage.
  • Create a virtual meter for common areas to spread these costs across all tenants’ pro rata.
  • Support virtually any billing cycle.
  • Manage tenant bills with pre-set start/stop dates, based on lease move-in, move-out schedules.

Versatile Energy Systems

  • View all meter data from a cent
  • Leverage your existing Ethernet infrastructure for use with E-Mon Energy™.
  • ralized location.
  • Read meters onsite or remotely via telephone, Ethernet or ModBus communications.
  • Export data for use with existing energy management or building automation systems.
  • Reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.
  • Measurement & Verification of energy programs such as LEED certification.
  • Read E-Mon D-Mon meters in addition to other electric, gas, water and steam meters.

The EMon E10196 Energy Software is an energy automatic 51-100 meter reading system that allows users to accurately monitor interval energy data for a variety of applications including tenant billing/allocation, departmental allocation, common area management, demand/energy analysis, equipment maintenance programs, M & V for LEED certification and other green building initiatives. E-Mon Energy system monitors E-Mon D-Mon electric submeters either on-site or off-site via a variety of industry standard communication methods and transmit data back to a central computer for generating profiles, graphs and tenant statements of energy usage. Includes Start-Up assistance and Client Server.

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