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E-Mon D-Mon Run-Time Sensor,

The E-Mon D-Mon run-time sensor is designed to provide "run-time" information through the Class 3000 meter or IDR when used with E-Mon EnergyTM software.

The split-core current transformer (CT) allows the unit to be installed without need of a contact or switch on the monitored equipment. When the CT is clamped around the conductor being monitored it senses the current flowing through the conductor. The contact is wired to the external input terminal of the meter or IDR. A current flow of 2 to 50 amps causes the run-time sensor to close its normally open internal contact (form A). When the contact closes, it can be set up to register in the meter or IDR as a software-created count of 300 pulses per minute. This is used to account for the run-time of the equipment (as a percentage) in 5 or 15 minute intervals.


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The E-Mon D-Mon run-time sensor operates without the need of a power supply or a voltage input. The unit can be mounted up to 500 feet away from the meter or IDR. The contact is rated at 120 VAC/DC max with a current handling maximum of 100 milliamps (0.1 amps).
Maximum Switch Voltage 120 VAC/DC
Maximum Switch Amps 0.1 (100 mA)
CT Operating Range 2 to 50 amps
CT Short-Term Rating 200 amps
CT Inside Dimensions 0.875 x 1.375 (inches)
Switch Enclosure Dimensions 3.8 x 2.4 x 1 (inches)
CT Secondary Wire Rating 600 VAC
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RTSENSOR E-Mon Run-Time Sensor Discontinued