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E-Mon D-Mon P2 Pulser
Pulse Output Option for interface to EMS systems,

Pulser data to the EMS can be used for the following applications:
  • Tenant billing, based on both kilowatt-hour and kilowatt demand information from the E-Mon D-Mon meters through the pulsers
  • "Real-time" demand reading, allowing the user to see the effects of loads as they come on- or of f-line
  • Automatic load shedding/limiting by the EMS to lower energy usage and costs

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The E-Mon D-Mon P2 Pulser is an optically/coupled interface device that allows the Class 1000 or Class 2000 kWh or kWh/Demand meter to be connected to an energy/building management system (EMS) for the purpose of data-gathering and/or load control. The pulse width and value are selected using 2 DIP switches, and can be tailored to fit your specific requirements in the field. A modular plug connects the pulser to the E-Mon D-Mon meter; a two-screw terminal provides easy connection to the EMS. A LED on the pulser shows the rate and duration of the pulse. The pulser has an operating range of 4.5 to 28 volts dc (supplied by the EMS).
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P2PULSER E-Mon P2 Pulser  Discontinued
See: P3 Pulser