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E-Mon D-Mon GW1
Wireless Module for use with Gas & Water Meters

  • Interface with water and gas meters equipped with pulse output (solid-state or reed switch)
  • Includes 120 VAC power supply module
  • Compatible with E-Mon D-Mon wireless metering systems
  • Plug-and-play installation. Self-configures to the wireless mesh network
  • Contains local storage for 2+ months of 15 minute interval data
  • Allows creation of graphs, charts and usage statements via E-Mon Energy software
  • Wireless transceiver is FCC certified not to interfere with existing infrastructure
  • Wireless mesh network operates in the 915 MHz frequency hopping spread-spectrum license-free band. No cellular wireless service contracts are required
  • Wireless modules can be mounted inside buildings within approximately 500 feet line-of-sight from each other and up to 200 feet through walls, depending on wall material
  • Automatic time synchronization
  • Automatic network acquisition at power ON
  • Utilizes EKA Systems technology
  • Dimensions: 7" H x 3" W x 2" D
E-Mon D-Mon GW1 Wireless Module

E-Mon D-Mon GW1
Wireless Module

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E-Mon GW1 external wireless module allows for easy interface of gas, water and other utility meters with E-Mon Energy software. The module can be installed on any gas or water meter equipped with a solid-state or reed switch pulse output. This module lets users easily monitor all of their utilities, gas, water, electric and E-Mon D-Mon submeters from one, easy-to-use software program.
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GW1 E-Mon D-Mon GW1 External Wireless Module for Gas & Water Meters Discontinued