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Emerson 475 Field Communicator

Powerful Diagnostics from Devices in the Field

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Brand: Emerson
Model No: 475 Series
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Product Features:

  • Microprocessor: 80 MHz Hitachi SH3
  • Memory Internal Flash 32 MB
  • System Card 1 GB secure digital card
  • RAM 32 MB
  • Lithium-Ion power module
  • Battery Operating Time 20 hours - continuous use, 40 hours - typical use, 80 hours - standby mode
  • View device diagnostics in charts, graphs, and gauges
  • Full-color user interface
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Shock Tested to survive a 1-meter drop test onto concrete
  • Connection between PC and communicator with Bluetooth communication
  • Universal support for HART, WirelessHART, and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices
  • Interface with AMS Device Manager
  • Easy Upgrade allows Field Communicator to update and upgrade features over the Internet
  • Store and print device configurations for analysis and documentation requirements
  • Host System Interoperability

Emerson 475 Field Communicator

Simplify Work in the Field with Rugged, Reliable Handhelds

The Emerson 475 Field Communicator is designed to simplify work in the field. This built-for-purpose handheld communicator delivers universal support for HART and Foundation Fieldbus devices, a full-color graphical user interface, and a long-lasting 40-hour Lithium-Ion power module. It is designed to withstand the knocks and shocks from normal use in the field.

The weight of the 475 is evenly distributed for comfortable one-handed operation in the field. It runs on Windows CE, a robust, real-time operating system. The 475 has plenty of memory to allow for future expansion. It has 32 MB of application memory and 1 GB of memory on its System Card, along with an 80 MHz Hitachi SH3 microprocessor.

Manage Device Configurations

Back up hundreds of device configurations and transfer them between your communicator and a PC. This library of device configurations is easy to view and print for analysis.

Universal – HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus

With over 1,300 different HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices available from more than 100 manufacturers, the 475 Field Communicator works with all your devices to positively impact your bottom line. Through Easy Upgrade, you always have access to the latest HART and Fieldbus drivers. With the 475 Field Communicator, you are guaranteed universal HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus support in a single, intrinsically safe handheld communicator.

The 475 Field Communicator is designed to operate with a wide range of HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices independent of device manufacturer. Device interoperability is achieved through the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) technology supported by the HART Communication Foundation and Fieldbus Foundation.

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475 Main Features

See and Feel the Difference

The 3.5 in. full color touch screen display uses transflective technology, making it easy to read in both bright sunlight and normal lighting. To make sure all conditions are covered, a multi-level backlight is included, allowing bright, crisp display even in plant areas with dim light.

The touch screen display and large physical navigation buttons provide for efficient use both on the bench and in the field. The icon-based user interface allows for quick and efficient navigation.

The full color graphics capability is provided as standard with every 475 Field Communicator. The powerful EDDL technology transforms data from field devices into a graphical display. Charts, graphs, gauges, and product images are just a few of the ways in which important device data can be displayed.

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The 475 in the Field

Rugged and Reliable

The 475 is designed for tough use in a plant or mill. Its large keys and physical navigation buttons allow for one-handed operation, even with work gloves on. The rugged display is designed to take the knocks and shocks from normal use in the plant, and has been shock tested to survive a 1-meter drop onto concrete.

The 475 Field Communicator’s Protective Rubber Boot provides added protection in the field and in the toolbox. Both the rubber boot and 475 housing are designed in accordance with Intrinsic Safety standards to limit the build up of static electrical energy.

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475 Main Features

Easy Upgrade and Online Licensing

Always have access to the latest HART and Fieldbus drivers through the Easy Upgrade option. When new HART and Foundation Fieldbus DDs become available, simply download them from the Internet and upgrade the 475. Update at the site when it’s convenient.

The Online Licensing capability provided with Easy Upgrade allows you to enable new options for your 475 Field Communicator over the Internet. With Online Licensing, powerful options like Foundation fieldbus can be added by simply purchasing the license and downloading it directly to your communicator.

Configuration Options

The 475 Field Communicator offers a number of configurations. Use the chart below to find the options that fit.

Configuration Guide
Model Product Description
475Field Communicator (1)
Code Communication Protocol
FHART and Foundation Fieldbus (2)
Code Battery Type
PRechargeable Lithium-Ion Power Module
Code Power Supply/Recharger
1Power Supply/Recharger NiMH/Li-Ion (US/UK/EU)(3)
9Not Included (4)
Code Language
Code Product Certifications
KLATEX, FM, CSA, and IECEx Intrinsically Safe (FISCO as applicable)
NANo Approval
Code Easy Upgrade
UEasy Upgrade (3 year) (5)
9Not Included
Code Standard Options
GMGraphics (Included at No Charge) (6)
-Device Configuration Management (Included at No Charge) (7)
Code Blue Tooth
TBluetooth Communication (8)
9No Bluetooth Communication
Code Options
ASpare Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Power Module (9)
SProtective Rubber Boot with Stand
Typical HART Model Number: 475-H-P-1-E-KL-U-GMT
Typical HART/Fieldbus Model Number: 475-F-P-1-E-KL-U-GMT
Configuration Notes
(1)Base Model 475 includes Field Communicator unit with Color LCD display, System Card, leadset with connectors, carrying case, Getting Started Guide, Resource CD, stylus, and straps.
(2)Must specify Easy Upgrade Option (Code U) when ordering this model option.
(3)To obtain an Australia power cord, order part number 00375-0003-0003.
(4)This option should only be considered if the user already has a 375 or 475 Power Supply/Charger. If it is a 375 Power Supply/Charger, it must be the Li-Ion/NiMH version.
(5)The Easy Upgrade capability allows users to add new System Application software and Device Descriptions (DDs) to the 475 for a period of 3 years. To upgrade without this feature, the System Card would have to be sent to a Service Center.
(6)The Graphics functionality enables a user to access enhanced graphical features when using the HART or FOUNDATION field bus application.
(7)Device Configuration Management provides the capability to store in excess of 1,000 configurations and print them.
(8)Bluetooth enables communication to a PC via the Bluetooth protocol. Bluetooth is only available in certain countries
(9)A fully charged Lithium-Ion Power Module is capable of delivering power for 20 hours of typical field use. If requirements exceed this specification, a Spare Power Module (code A) should be specified.
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (12.1 MB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon (7.78 MB)
FAQ: PDF Document Icon (161 KB)
Ordering Guide: PDF Document Icon (204 KB)
Quick Start Guide: PDF Document Icon (819 KB)
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