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Elenco XK-150
Digital/Analog Trainer

  • Low cost
  • Meets the needs of electronic training programs
  • Rugged construction
  • Can be used as fixed lab equipment or be portable
Click here for a larger image - Elenco XK-150 Digital/Analog TrainerClick here for a larger image - Elenco XK-150 Digital/Analog Trainer
Elenco XK-150 Shown

Product Information
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XK-150 Specifications
Power Supplies Variable Power Supply
+1.25V to 15VDC @ 0.25A.
–1.25V to –15VDC @ 0.25A.
+5VDC @ 0.25A.
+30VAC center-tapped to 15VAC @ 0.25A.
Analog Section Function Generator - Sine, Square Wave.
Frequency adjustable in two ranges from 20 to 40kHz
Amplitude Sine 4Vpp
Square 12Vpp
Potentiometers 2 undedicated potentiometers 1kΩ and 100kΩ.
Digital Section Eight data switches
Two no bounce logic switches
Eight LED readouts, buffered
Clock frequency 1Hz, 60Hz, 1kHz, 100kHz.
Clock amplitude 5Vpp square wave
Bredboards 1 bredboards, containing 830 tie points including 2 bus strips
Ordering Information
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XK-150 Elenco XK-150 Digital/Analog Trainer  Buy Now $141.50
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Instruction Manual