Elenco Price List

Test Equipment Price List Discontinued Items
Model Description Buy Online Price
21-130 Elenco 21130 2-in-1 Gearbox unassembled Buy Now $9.95
21-131 Elenco 21-131 Twin Motor Gearbox Kit Buy Now $12.95
21-138 Elenco 21-138 Solar Gearbox Kit Buy Now $14.95
21-531N Elenco 21531N Titan Tank Buy Now $59.95
21-531N2 Elenco 21531N2 Titan Tank - 2 pack Buy Now $104.95
21-534N Elenco 21534N Beetle Robot Buy Now $69.95
21-665 Elenco 21665 Solar Astronaut Kit Buy Now $24.95
21-667 Elenco 21665 Solar F1 Racer Buy Now $24.95
21-880 Elenco 21880 Line Tracking Mouse Kit Buy Now $39.95
21-881 Elenco 21881 Sound Reversing Car Kit Buy Now $21.95
21-882 Elenco 21882 Turning Frog Kit Buy Now $26.95
21-884 Elenco 21-884 Scarab Robot Kit Buy Now $44.95
21-885 Elenco 21-885 Ladybug Robot Kit Buy Now $32.95
21-886 Elenco 21-886 Escape Robot Kit Buy Now $44.95
21-887 Elenco 21-887 Follow Me Robot Kit Buy Now $41.95
21-890 Elenco 21-890 Line Tracking Robot Buy Now $29.95
551136 Elenco 551136 1 lb. Roll of Lead Free Solder Buy Now $49.95
556006 Elenco 556006 Soldering Tip Cleaner Buy Now $4.15
600010 Elenco 600010 Repl Iron for SL-10A/SL-30A Buy Now $11.50
600015 Elenco 600015 Replacement Iron for ZD931 Buy Now $16.50
600020 Elenco 600020 Solder Tip for SL-10A/SL-30A 1/32" Buy Now $3.35
600021 Elenco 600021 Solder Tip for SL-10A/SL-30A 1/64" Buy Now $3.35
600022 Elenco 600022 Solder Tip for SL-10A/SL-30A 1/8" Buy Now $3.35
600023 Elenco 600023 Solder Tip for SL-10A/SL-30A 3/64" Buy Now $3.35
753290 Elenco 753290 Snap Circuits Teachers Guide for SC-100 -SC-750 Buy Now $5.95
753294 Elenco 753294 Snap Circuits Student Guide for SC-100R Buy Now $9.95
753307 Elenco 753307 Snap Circuits Complete Student Guide Buy Now $24.95
9425 Elenco 9425 830 Tie Points Buy Now $14.25
9433 Elenco 9433 1660 Tie Points Buy Now $21.50
9438 Elenco 9438 2420 Tie Points Buy Now $31.50
9440 Elenco 9440 3220 Tie Points Buy Now $41.50
9480WK Elenco 9480WK 9440 with JW350 Jumper Wire Kit Buy Now $49.95
9483WK Elenco 9483WK 9433 with JW70 Jumper Wire Kit Buy Now $24.95
9485WK Elenco 9485WK 9425 With JW-70 Jumper Wire Kit Buy Now $18.25
9488WK Elenco 9488WK 9438 with JW140 Jumper Wire Kit Buy Now $37.50
9830 Elenco 9830 830 Tie Points Buy Now $7.50
9880WK Elenco 9880WK 9830 with JW70 Jumper Wire Kit Buy Now $11.50
ACSNAP Elenco ACSNAP AC Adapter for SNAP CIRCUITS Buy Now $19.95
AK-100 Elenco AK-100 Solder Practice Kit with Iron and Cutters Buy Now $19.95
AK-300 Elenco AK-300 Digital Roulette Buy Now $19.95
AK-590 Elenco AK-590 Photon Solar Racer Kit Buy Now $35.95
AK-710 Elenco AK710 FM Wireless Microphone Kit Buy Now Sale $7.95
(Reg. $15.95)
AM-550CK Elenco AM-550CK AM Radio Kit (combo transistor and IC) Buy Now $26.50
AM-780K Elenco AM780K 2 IC AM Radio Kit Buy Now $17.95
AMFM-108CK Elenco AMFM108CK AM/FM Radio Kit (combo IC and Transistor) Buy Now $38.25
C-30 Elenco C30 Parts Box 4 Fixed Compartments Buy Now $5.85
C-900 Elenco C900 Plano 3600 Size Prolatch with Adjustable Dividers Buy Now $9.95
C-950 Elenco C-950 Parts Box w/ 6-18 Adj. Compartments Buy Now $8.25
CAPK-100 Elenco CAPK-100 100pc Capacitor Component kit Buy Now $16.50
CAPK-150DEL Elenco CAPK-150DEL 150pc Capacitor Component kit in plastic case Buy Now $27.50
CI-73 Elenco CI-73 Computer Interface for Snap Circuits Buy Now $19.95
CK-1000 Elenco CK-1000 Electronic Components - Basic Parts Kit Buy Now $83.25
CM-1555 Elenco CM1555 Digital Capacitance Meter Buy Now $44.95
CS-440 Elenco CS440 Capacitor Substitution Box Buy Now $28.25
DIOK-100DEL Elenco DIOK-100DEL Deluxe Diode Kit Buy Now $24.95
DIOK-80 Elenco DIOK-80 Diode Kit 80 PCs Buy Now $16.50
DT-100 Elenco DT-100 Diode/Transistor Tester Buy Now $44.95
DT-100K Elenco DT100K Diode Transistor Tester Kit Buy Now $26.50
ECK-10 Elenco ECK10 Electronic Component Kit Buy Now $11.95
EDU-2018 Elenco EDU-2018 Tree of Knowledge Series: Electricity Buy Now $15.95
EDU-23703 Elenco EDU-23703 5-in-1 100x-1200x Deluxe Microscope Buy Now $99.95
EDU-2837 Elenco EDU2837 11 inch Dual-Cartography LED Illuminated Globe Buy Now $59.95
EDU-3010 Elenco EDU-3010 Tree of Knowledge Series: Crystal Radio Buy Now $16.95
EDU-3020 Elenco EDU-3020 Tree of Knowledge Series: Lemon Clock Buy Now $14.95
EDU-3050 Elenco EDU-3050 Tree of Knowledge Series: Solar Energy Buy Now $12.95
EDU-3070 Elenco EDU-3070 Tree of Knowledge Series: Water Clock Buy Now $24.95
EDU-36700 Elenco EDU36700 Slide Making Kit Buy Now Sale $8.95
(Reg. $19.95)
EDU-36729 Elenco EDU36729 Prepared Micro-Slides Buy Now Sale $8.50
(Reg. $16.95)
EDU-36730 Elenco EDU-36730 12 pcs Prepared Micro-Slides and 6 Blank Slides Buy Now $21.95
EDU-36749 Elenco EDU36749 Metal Detector with Beep Alert Buy Now $36.95
EDU-36793 Elenco EDU-36793 Rock Tumbler Buy Now $59.95
EDU-36888 Elenco EDU36888 4x, 6x Two Way Bug Viewer Buy Now $9.95
EDU-36899 Elenco EDU-36899 11" Desktop Political Globe Buy Now $33.95
EDU-36920 Elenco EDU-36920 5" Desktop Political Globe Buy Now $14.95
EDU-36925 Elenco EDU36925 Rock Tumbler Refill Kit Buy Now $21.95
EDU-36944 Elenco EDU-36944 288x Astrolon Telescope with Aluminum Tripod Buy Now $99.95
EDU-37149 Elenco EDU-37149 Wild Globe Illuminated w/ Dual Image Effect Buy Now $54.95
EDU-37173 Elenco EDU-37173 Ranger R/C Metal Detector Buy Now $79.95
EDU-37310 Elenco EDU37310 Bug Collector Set Buy Now $29.95
EDU-37329 Elenco EDU-37329 T-Rex Skeleton Kit Buy Now $71.95
EDU-37363 Elenco EDU-37363 Periscope Buy Now $29.95
EDU-37364 Elenco EDU37364 Galaxy Star map/Planetarium Buy Now $49.95
EDU-37410 Elenco EDU-37410 Rock Driller Refill Kit Buy Now $7.95
EDU-37502 Elenco EDU-37502 Night'n Day Globe Kit Buy Now $195.95
EDU-37526 Elenco EDU37526 Radio Controlled Black Widow Buy Now $44.95
EDU-37534 Elenco EDU-37534 Solar Powered Butterfly Buy Now $19.95
EDU-37550 Elenco EDU-37550 Solar Can Motor Robot Buy Now $21.95
EDU-37551 Elenco EDU-37551 Solar Bottle Motor Boat Buy Now $21.95
EDU-37568 Elenco EDU-37568 Solar Bottle Motor Boat Buy Now $19.95
EDU-37670 Elenco EDU-37670 Brachiosaurus Skeleton Buy Now $29.95
EDU-37671 Elenco EDU-37671 Velociraptor Skeleton Buy Now $29.95
EDU-37674 Elenco EDU-37674 Handheld Microscope Buy Now $11.95
EDU-37677 Elenco EDU-37677 Water Filtration Kit Buy Now $29.95
EDU-38006 Elenco EDU38006 6-in-1 Solar Kit Buy Now $19.95
EDU-4001 Elenco EDU-4001 Tree of Knowledge Series: Remote Control Robot Buy Now $21.95
EDU-4002 Elenco EDU-4002 Tree of Knowledge Series: Treasure Finder Buy Now $21.95
EDU-4003 Elenco EDU-4003 Tree of Knowledge Series: Wake Me Robot Buy Now $21.95
EDU-4004 Elenco EDU-4004 Tree of Knowledge Series: The Guide Robot Buy Now $21.95
EDU-41001 Elenco EDU41001 100x-750x Zoom Microscope Set with Light & Projector Buy Now $38.95
EDU-41002 Elenco EDU41002 100x-900x Zoom Die-cast Microscope Set with Light & Projector Buy Now $49.95
EDU-41003 Elenco EDU41003 100x/200x/300x Microscope Set Buy Now $14.50
EDU-41004 Elenco EDU41004 100x/300x/600x Microscope Set with Light & Projector Buy Now $24.95
EDU-41005 Elenco EDU-41005 20x 30x 40x Mobile Telescope w/ 30mm Ø Objective Lens Buy Now Sale $13.50
(Reg. $26.95)
EDU-41006 Elenco EDU-41006 Human TorsoSmall Buy Now $43.95
EDU-41007 Elenco EDU41007 11pc 20" Human Anatomy Model Buy Now $115.95
EDU-41009 Elenco EDU41009 100x/300x/1000x 2-Way Microscope Buy Now $64.95
EDU-41011 Elenco EDU41011 100x-900x Zoom Microscope Set in Hand Carrying Case Buy Now $57.95
EDU-559 Elenco EDU-559 Peg Sculpture Heads Series: T-Rex Buy Now $34.95
EDU567 Elenco EDU-567 Peg Sculpture Heads Series: Queen Nefertiti Buy Now $24.95
EDU-61001 Elenco EDU-61001 Mechanical Drum Buy Now Sale $9.95
(Reg. $19.95)
EDU-61002 Elenco EDU61002 Aerial Screw Buy Now $19.95
EDU-61003 Elenco EDU61003 Swing Bridge Buy Now Sale $7.50
(Reg. $14.95)
EDU-61005 EDU-61005 Multi-Barrel Cannon Buy Now Sale $7.50
(Reg. $14.95)
EDU-61006 Elenco EDU-61006 Armored Car Buy Now Sale $9.95
(Reg. $19.95)
EDU-61007 Elenco EDU-61007 Printing Press Buy Now Sale $9.95
(Reg. $19.95)
EDU-61008 Elenco EDU-61008 Self Propelled Cart Buy Now $19.95
EDU-61009 Elenco EDU-61009 Catapult Buy Now $19.95
EDU-61010 Elenco EDU-61010 Bombard Buy Now Sale $9.95
(Reg. $19.95)
EDU-61018 Elenco EDU-61018 Mechanical Butterfly Model Buy Now $19.95
EDU-61020 Elenco EDU-61020 Model Submarine Buy Now $19.95
EDU-61021 Elenco EDU-61021 Great Kite Model Buy Now $19.95
EDU-61022 Elenco EDU-61022 Multiple Sling Model Buy Now $19.95
EDU-61023 Elenco EDU-61023 Ship Cannon with Shield Model Buy Now $19.95
EDU-62005 Elenco EDU-62005 Brine Shrimp Aquarium Buy Now $14.95
EDU-62008 Elenco EDU-62008 Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Buy Now $17.95
EDU-62010 Elenco EDU-62010 Crystal Making Experiment Set Buy Now $17.95
EDU-62011 Elenco EDU-62011 Hand Dynamo Helicopter and Flip-flop Turtle Buy Now
EDU-62012 Elenco EDU-62012 Stethoscope for Detecting the Sound of Footsteps from an ant Buy Now $17.95
EDU-62019 Elenco EDU-62019 Tumbling Robot Buy Now $32.95
EDU-62022 Elenco EDU-62022 Sound Control UFO Buy Now $32.95
EDU-62104 Elenco EDU-62104 Mini Electric Guitar Buy Now $54.95
EDU-62221 Elenco EDU-62221 Strandbeest Model Kit Buy Now $34.95
EDU-62222 Elenco EDU-62222 Rhinoceros Mini-Beest Kit Buy Now $34.95
EDU-7074 Elenco EDU-7074 Tree of Knowledge Series: Weather Buy Now $31.95
EDU-7075 Elenco EDU-7075 Tree of Knowledge Chem-Science 60 Buy Now $32.95
EDU-7080 Elenco EDU-7080 Tree of Knowledge Series: Detectolab Buy Now $31.95
EDU-7086 Elenco EDU-7086 Tree of Knowledge Series: My Sences Buy Now $41.95
EDU-7090 Elenco EDU-7090 Tree of Knowledge Series: Robotics Buy Now Sale $19.95
(Reg. $45.95)
EDU-7094 Elenco EDU7094 Tree of Knowledge My Health Vision Kit Buy Now Sale $7.50
(Reg. $14.95)
EDU-7200 Elenco EDU7200 Amazing Illusions Kit Buy Now $24.95
EDU-8200 Elenco EDU-8200 Tree of Knowledge Series: Physics Buy Now $39.95
EDU-8350 Elenco EDU-8350 Tree of Knowledge Series: Super Chem Buy Now $37.95
EDU-8355 Elenco EDU-8355 Tree of Knowledge Series: Super Chem 120 Buy Now $39.95
EDU-8405 Elenco EDU-8405 Tree of Knowledge Series: Solar Power Buy Now $45.95
EDU-8740 Elenco EDU-8740 Tree of Knowledge Series: Hydro lab Buy Now $49.95
EDU-BL073 Elenco EDU-BL073 Ant World Buy Now $22.95
EDU-BL131 Elenco EDU-BL131 Insect Exploring Kit Buy Now $19.95
EDU-BN328 Elenco EDU-BN328 Binnoculars Buy Now $5.50
EDU-CM007 Elenco EDU-CM007 Tree of Knowledge Series: Crystal Wonder Buy Now $34.95
EDU-CM011 Elenco EDU-CM011 Tree of Knowledge Series: Volcano Buy Now $34.95
EDU-SK009 Elenco EDU-SK009 3D DIY Heart Anatomy with CD Buy Now Sale $12.50
(Reg. $24.95)
EDU-TM008 Elenco EDU-TM008 Microscope & Telescope w/ Survival Kit Buy Now $99.95
ENG-0820 Elenco ENG0-820 8 Model, 90 Piece Engino Building Block Set Buy Now $11.95
ENG-10020 Elenco ENG-10020 100 Model, 498 Piece Engino Building Block Set with 2 RC Motors and Gears Buy Now $119.95
ENG-1020 Elenco ENG-1020 10 Model, 89 Piece Engino Building Block Set Buy Now $15.95
ENG-1220 Elenco ENG-1220 12 Model, 81 Piece Engino Building Block Set Buy Now $19.95
ENG-1820 Elenco ENG-1820 18 Model, 104 Piece Engino Building Block Set with Motor Buy Now $31.95
ENG2020 Engino ENG-2020 20 Model Set with Motor Buy Now $33.95
ENG-2520 Elenco ENG-2520 25 Model Engino Set Buy Now $35.95
ENG-3020 Elenco ENG-3020 30 Model Engino Set Buy Now $59.95
ENG6020 Engino ENG-6020 Engino Series: 60 Model Set with Motor Buy Now $79.95
ENG-M01 Elenco Engino ENG-M01 Levers Buy Now $31.95
ENG-M02 Elenco Engino ENG-M02 Linkages Buy Now $31.95
ENG-M03 Elenco Engino ENG-M03 Wheels Buy Now $37.95
ENG-M04 Elenco Engino ENG-M04 Inclined Planes Buy Now $37.95
ENG-M06 Elenco Engino ENG-M06 Cams Buy Now $31.95
ENG-M08 Elenco Engino ENG-M08 Screws Buy Now $37.95
ENG-M09 Elenco Engino ENG-M09 Engino Series: Structures and Bridges Buy Now $43.95
ENG-M11 Elenco ENG-M11 Engino Mechanical Science - Forces, Energy, Motion Buy Now $47.95
ENG-M50 Elenco ENG-M50 Master Technology Set with Carrying Case Buy Now $151.95
ENG-M90 Elenco ENG-M90 Master Technology Educational Software (6 Pc Licences) Buy Now $63.95
ENG-MS1 Elenco Engino ENG-MS1 Eiffel Tower Buy Now $119.95
ENG-MS2 Elenco Engino ENG-MS2 Ferris Wheel Buy Now $95.95
ENG-MS3 Elenco Engino ENG-MS3 London Eye Buy Now $159.95
ENG-S30 Elenco Engino ENG-S30 Solar-Powered Pro Duo Buy Now $63.95
ENG-SM Elenco ENG-SM Engino New Style Motor Buy Now Sale $9.95
(Reg. $19.95)
EP-130 Elenco EP-130 130 in 1 Electronics Playground Buy Now $49.95
EP-50 Elenco EP50 50-in-One Electronic Playground Buy Now $24.95
ET10 Elenco ET-10 IC Puller Buy Now $1.35
ET-14 Elenco ET-14 IC Inserter Buy Now $3.25
EXP-535 Elenco EXP-535 OWI Cirriculum for OWI-535 Buy Now $29.95
FG-500 Elenco FG500 1MHz Function Generator Buy Now $58.25
FG-500K Elenco FG500K 1MHz Function Generator (Unassembled) Buy Now $38.25
FG-600K Elenco FG600K Learn Surface Mounting Techniques Function Generation Kit Buy Now $44.95
FM-88K Elenco FM-88K Auto Scan FM Radio Kit Buy Now $14.95
FO-25 Elenco FO25 Fiber Optic Voice Data Kit Buy Now $54.15
FO-30K Elenco FO30K Fiber Optics Voice and Data Kit with Training Course Buy Now $21.50
FOR-1224 Elenco FOR-1224 Pocket Flip Magnifier Buy Now $4.95
FOR-1225 Elenco FOR-1225 Folding Magnifier Buy Now $3.25
GF-800/555 Elenco GF800555 20Hz - 150 kHz Low Distortion Sine/Square Wave Audio Generator Buy Now $74.95
GF-8056 Elenco GF8056 Function Generator with Built in 60MHz Freaqunce Counter Buy Now $395.00
HH-55 Elenco HH55 Helping Hands Magnifying Glass Buy Now $5.40
HH-60 Elenco HH-60 Deluxe Helping Hands Buy Now $13.25
JK-333RED Elenco JK-333RED 3 X 3 X 3 Arduino Cube Shield Kit Buy Now $19.95
JW-30 Elenco JW-30 30 pc. Reinforced Jumper Wire Kit Buy Now Sale $8.95
(Reg. $14.95)
JW-350 Elenco JW-350 350 pc. Pre-Formed Jumper Wire Kit Buy Now $13.25
JW-380D Elenco JW-380D 380 pc Jumper Wire Kit (JW-350 + JW-30) Buy Now $25.95
JW-70 Elenco JW-70 70 pc. Jumper Wire Kit Buy Now $4.95
K-10 Elenco K10 Space War Gun Buy Now $9.95
K-11 Elenco K11 0-15V Power Supply Kit Buy Now $19.95
K-14 Elenco K14 Christmas Tree Buy Now Sale $8.95
(Reg. $17.95)
K-16 Elenco K-16 Electronic Cricket Buy Now $9.95
K-17 Elenco K17 LED Robot Blinker Buy Now $9.95
K-19 Elenco K19 Digital Bird Buy Now $9.95
K-23 Elenco K23 Burglar Alarm Buy Now $9.95
K-24 Elenco K 24 Whooper Alarm Buy Now Sale $4.95
(Reg. $9.95)
K-26 Elenco K26 Metal Detector Buy Now $9.95
K-28 Elenco K28 Pocket Dice Buy Now $15.95
K-30/AK-710 Elenco K-30/AK-710 FM Microphone Buy Now $15.95
K-34 Elenco K34 One Button Bandit Buy Now Sale $5.95
(Reg. $11.95)
K-35 Elenco K35 Telephone Bug Buy Now $9.95
K-36 Elenco K36 Sound Activated Switch Buy Now $12.95
K-37 Elenco K37 Resistor Substitution Box Kit Buy Now $18.25
K-38 Elenco K38 Capacitor Substitution Box Kit Buy Now $18.25
LAB-1U Elenco LAB-1U 3 in 1 Lab Buy Now
LCM-1950 Elenco LCM1950 Digital Multimeter Buy Now $99.95
LEDK-100DEL Elenco LEDK-100DEL 100pc LED Component kit in deluxe case Buy Now $24.95
LEDK-80 Elenco LEDK-80 80pc LED Component kit Buy Now $16.50
LF-99 Elenco LF99 Lead Free Solder 5 foot roll Buy Now $1.70
LP-425K Elenco LP425K Logic Pulser Kit Buy Now $16.50
LP-525K Elenco LP525K Logic Probe Kit Buy Now $16.50
LP-560 Elenco LP560 Logic Probe Buy Now $24.95
LP-900 Elenco LP900 Logic Probe and Pulser Buy Now $33.25
M-1000E Elenco M1000E Digital Multimeter Buy Now $13.25
M1008K Elenco M1008K Compact Digital Multimeter Buy Now $23.25
M-105 Elenco M105 Compact VOM Analog Multimeter Buy Now $14.95
M-1250 Elenco M1250 20k/V VOM Analog Multimeter Buy Now $26.50
M-1250K Elenco M1250 20K/V VOM Analog Multimeter, Unassembled Kit Buy Now $28.25
M-1450 Elenco M-1450 3 1/2 Digit DMM With Temperature Buy Now $21.50
M-1700 Elenco M1700 Digital Multimeter Buy Now $53.25
M-1750 Elenco M1750 Counting Digital Multimeter Buy Now $33.25
M-2625A Elenco M-2625A 3 1/2 Digit With Temperature Buy Now $49.95
M-2666K Elenco M2666K Wide Range Digital Multimeter with Capacitance and Transistor Testing Features Buy Now $41.50
MK-113 Elenco MK-113 Siren Sound Generator Kit Buy Now $14.95
MK-120 Elenco MK120 Light Barrier Kit Buy Now $12.75
MK-123 Elenco MK-123 Roling Clock Kit Buy Now $21.50
MK-128 Elenco MK-128 Kitchen Timer Kit Buy Now $21.95
MK-131 Elenco MK131 Traffic Light Kit Buy Now $11.50
MK-134 Elenco MK134 Steam Engine Sound Generator with Whistle Kit Buy Now $14.95
MK-135 Elenco MK-135 Electronic Design Kit Buy Now $7.95
MK-136 Elenco MK-136 Super Ear Amplifier Buy Now $11.50
MK-141 Elenco MK-141 SMD Happy Face Kit Buy Now $12.95
MK-147 Elenco MK147 Dual White LED Stroboscope Buy Now $10.75
MK-151 Elenco MK-151 Digital LED Clock Kit Buy Now $38.95
MK-170 Elenco MK-170 60 LED Multi-effect Star kit Buy Now $31.95
MK-171 Elenco MK171 Voice Changer Kit Buy Now $14.25
MK-172 Elenco MK-172 Sound Star Kit Buy Now $26.95
MM-8000K Elenco MM8000K Micro Master Computer Training Kit Buy Now $183.25
MSV-1 Elenco MSV-1 Mini-Vacuum Cleaner Buy Now $9.95
MX-510B Elenco MX-510B Electronic Bell Action Kit Buy Now $13.95
MX-510G Elenco MX-510G Generator Action Kit Buy Now $14.95
MX-510M Elenco MX-510M Electronic Motor Action Kit Buy Now $14.95
MX-901A Elenco MX901A Electronic AM Radio kit Buy Now $16.95
MX-901C Elenco MX901C Electronic Crystal Radio kit Buy Now $14.95
MX-901F Elenco 901F Electronic FM Radio Kit Buy Now Sale $8.95
(Reg. $17.95)
MX-901SW Elenco MX901SW Electronic Short Wave Radio Kit Buy Now $21.95
MX-902 Elenco MX-902 4-in-1 Action Kit Lab Buy Now Sale $22.95
(Reg. $44.95)
MX-902T Elenco MX-902T Motor & Generator Kit Buy Now $27.95
MX-905 Elenco MX905 75-in-One Electronic Project Lab Buy Now $64.95
MX-907 Elenco MX907 200-in-One Electronic Project Lab Buy Now $92.95
MX-908 Elenco MX908 300-in-One Electronic Project Lab Buy Now $153.95
MX-909 Elenco MX909 500-in-One Electronic Project Lab Buy Now $399.95
ND-3 Elenco ND-3 Nut Driver Set 3 pc. Buy Now $4.95
ND-4 Elenco ND-4 Nut Driver Set 4 pc Buy Now $6.50
OWI-351 Elenco OWI351 Mega Mantis Buy Now $17.50
OWI-352 Elenco OWI352 Samurai Scorpions Buy Now $17.50
OWI-353 Elenco OWI353 Rhino Beatle Buy Now $17.50
OWI-371 Elenco OWI-371 T-Rex Aluminum Kit Buy Now Sale $9.75
(Reg. $19.50)
OWI-372 Elenco OWI-372 Stegosaurus Aluminum Kit Buy Now $19.50
OWI-373 Elenco OWI-373 Triceratops Aluminum Kit Buy Now $19.50
OWI-535 Elenco OWI535 Robotic Arm Edge Buy Now $73.95
OWI-535USB Elenco OWI535USB USB Interface for Robotic Arm Buy Now Sale $26.50
(Reg. $52.95)
OWI-536 Elenco OWI536 3-in-1 All Terrain Robot Buy Now $69.50
OWI-608 Elenco OWI608 Solar Battery Buy Now $25.95
OWI-750 Elenco OWI750 Salt Water Fueled Cell Car Buy Now $21.95
OWI-751 Elenco OWI-751 Salt Water Fuel Cell Cell Giant Arachnoid Buy Now $21.95
OWI-752 Elenco OWI-752 Salt Water Fuel Cell Cell Monster Truck Buy Now $31.50
OWI-753 Elenco OWI-753 Salt Water Fuel Cell Motorcycle Buy Now $29.95
OWI-891 Elenco OWI-891 EM4 Robot Buy Now $24.95
OWI-GRNCUR Elenco OWI-GRNCUR Green Technologies & Robot Curriculum Buy Now $14.95
OWI-MSK610 Elenco OWIMSK610 6-in-1 Solar Kit Buy Now Sale $13.50
(Reg. $26.95)
OWI-MSK615 Elenco OWI-MSK615 14 - In - 1 Solar Robot Buy Now $35.50
OWI-MSK616 Elenco OWI-MSK616 Super Solar Recycler Buy Now $23.95
OWI-MSK617 Elenco OWI-MSK617 T4 Transforming Solar Robot Buy Now $23.95
OWI-MSK640 Elenco OWI-MSK640 7 In 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformer Buy Now $32.95
OWI-MSK641 Elenco OWI-MSK641 Solar Space Fleet Buy Now $34.95
OWI-MSK669 Elenco OWIMSK669 Walking King Crab Buy Now $18.95
OWI-MSK670 Elenco OWIMSK670 Frightened Grasshopper Buy Now $14.95
OWI-MSK671 Elenco OWIMSK671 Super Solar Race Car Buy Now Sale $7.50
(Reg. $14.95)
OWI-MSK672 Elenco OWIMSK672 Happy Hopping Frog Buy Now $18.95
OWI-MSK673 Elenco OWIMSK673 Attacking inch Worm Buy Now Sale $9.50
(Reg. $18.95)
OWI-MSK674 Elenco OWIMSK674 Sonic F2 Buy Now Sale $10.95
(Reg. $21.95)
OWI-MSK679 Elenco OWI-MSK679 The Solar System Buy Now $26.95
OWI-MSK690 Elenco OWI-MSK690 Green Life Buy Now $23.95
OWI-MSK691 Elenco OWI-MSK691 Penguin Life Buy Now $23.95
OWI-SP750 Elenco OWISP750 Spare Parts Package for OWI-750 Buy Now $7.50
P-1E Elenco P-1E 65MHz X1, X10 Scope Probe Buy Now $16.50
P-2E Elenco P-2E 100MHz X1, X10 Scope Probe Buy Now $24.95
P-3E Elenco P-3E 250MHz X1, X10 Scope Probe Buy Now $33.25
PK-101 Elenco PK101B 50 Basic Electronic Experiments Buy Now $16.50
PK-101B Elenco PK101B 50 Basic Electronic Experiments with 9830 Bredblox Buy Now $24.95
PK-201 Elenco PK-201 Basic Electronics Experiments with Computer Interface Buy Now $41.50
PR-3 Elenco PR-3 3-Prong Parts Retriever Buy Now $1.60
RCK-465 Elenco RCK-465 Combo Resistor/Capacitor Kit 465 pcs Buy Now $35.95
RCK-635DEL Elenco RCK-635DEL Deluxe Combination Resistor/Capacitor Parts Kit 635 pcs Buy Now $55.90
RK-365 Elenco RK-365 Resistor Kit Buy Now $19.95
RK-370 Elenco RK-370 370 pc. 1/4W Resistor Kit Buy Now $19.95
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RS-400 Elenco RS400 Resistor Substitution Box Buy Now $28.25
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S-1325 Elenco S1325 30MHz Analog Oscilloscope, Dual Trace Buy Now $495.00
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(Reg. $34.95)
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SC-750 Elenco SC750 Snap Circuits Extreme, 750 Experiments Buy Now $139.95
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SCBE-75 Elenco SCBE75 Snaptricity Buy Now $42.95
SC-DEMO3 Elenco SC-DEMO3 Snap Circuits Demo Unit Buy Now $30.00
SCG-125 Elenco SCG125 Snap Circuits Green Buy Now $79.95
SCL-175 Elenco SCL-175 Snap Circuits LIGHT Physics Kit Buy Now $84.95
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SCM-400 Elenco SCM400 Snap Circuits Snap Micro I Standard Buy Now $119.95
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SH-2 Elenco SH2 Soldering Iron Stand Buy Now Sale $0.30
(Reg. $0.50)
SH-3 Elenco SH3 Soldering Iron Stand Compact Buy Now Sale $1.95
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SK-175 Elenco SK-175 Deluxe How to Solder Kit Buy Now $41.50
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SL-30T3 Elenco SL-30T3 Soldering Iron Tip for SL-10/SL-30 (1/64) #823 Buy Now Sale $2.95
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SL-30T5 Elenco SL-30T5 Soldering Iron Tip for SL-10/SL-30 (1/8) #825 Buy Now Sale $2.95
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SL-30T6 Elenco SL-30T6 Soldering Iron Tip for SL-10/SL-30 (3/64) #826 Buy Now $4.95
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SL-5 Elenco SL5 Soldering Station (no iron) Buy Now $26.50
SL-540 Elenco SL540 Soldering Station (40W iron) Buy Now $37.50
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SM-200K Elenco SM-200K Surface Mount Technology Solder Practice Kit Buy Now $23.25
SNAPCASE7 Elenco SNAPCASE7 Deluxe Case for Snap Circuits Buy Now $69.95
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SP-4 Elenco SP4 Desolder Pump Deluxe Buy Now $5.85
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SR-1N Elenco SR1N 25W Solder Iron with stand Buy Now $5.95
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SR-2B Elenco SR2B 25W Deluxe Solder Iron Buy Now Sale $7.95
(Reg. $13.25)
SR-2BT Elenco SR-2BT Soldering Iron Tip. Wedge - for SR-2B Buy Now Sale $2.50
(Reg. $4.15)
SR-2BT2 Elenco SR-2BT2 Soldering Iron Tip. Conical - for SR-2B Buy Now $4.15
SR-2BT3 Elenco SR-2BT3 Soldering Iron Tip. Fine (1/64) - for SR-2B Buy Now Sale $2.50
(Reg. $4.15)
SR-3B Elenco SR3B Professional Solder Iron Buy Now $16.50
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ST-10 Elenco ST-10 Hand Tool Kit Buy Now $12.50
ST-1012 Elenco ST1012 Digital AC Clamp Meter Buy Now Sale $19.95
(Reg. $33.25)
ST-101A Elenco ST-101A Screwdriver Slotted 1/8" X 3" Buy Now $1.25
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ST-331 Elenco ST-331 Replacement Blade Cartridge For ST-35 Buy Now $7.10
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ST-35 Elenco ST35 Coaxial Cable Stripper Buy Now $18.25
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ST-37 Elenco ST-37 Circuit Tester Buy Now $4.15
ST-38G Elenco ST-38G AC Receptacle Tester w/ GFCI Buy Now $6.50
ST-40 Elenco ST-40 Screwdriver Slotted 1/4" X 4" Buy Now $1.60
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ST-5 Elenco ST-5 Screwdriver Slotted 3/16" X 3" Buy Now $1.25
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ST-601 Elenco ST601 Type 66 Replacement Blade for ST-620/603 Buy Now $13.25
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ST-604 Elenco ST604 PDT Blade for 66 and 110/88 Buy Now $13.25
ST-60 Elenco ST60ELN Hex-Type Crimping Tool Buy Now $24.95
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ST-70 Elenco ST-70 Pliers Lineman 8" Buy Now $7.50
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ST-83 Elenco ST-83 4 pc Non Conductive Tweezer Buy Now $5.95
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ST-89 Elenco ST-89 Foam Swabs Buy Now $4.95
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ST-96 Elenco ST-96 PLCC Extractor Buy Now $3.25
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STPS-1 Elenco STPS1 Spectrum Tube Power Supply Buy Now $166.50
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TCT-255K Elenco TCT-255K DataCom Tester Kit Buy Now $41.50
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TG-300 Elenco TG-300 Snap Circuit Teachers Pak SC-300R Buy Now $19.95
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TIPK-1 Elenco TIPK1 Soldering Iron Tip Package Buy Now $19.15
TK-1001 Elenco TK1001 Organizer Tool Kit Buy Now $60.95
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TL-12 Elenco TL-12 Banana To Minigrabber Set Buy Now Sale $3.50
(Reg. $5.80)
TL-13 Elenco TL-13 Component Test Lead 6" Buy Now $3.25
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TL-7 Elenco TL-7 BNC To BNC Cable Buy Now $4.15
TL-8 Elenco TL-8 6 pc. Precision Screwdriver Set Buy Now $2.50
TL-9 Elenco TL-9 Minigrabber To Minigrabber Buy Now $6.50
TP-20 Elenco TP20ELN Tone Probe Buy Now $19.95
TPG-70 Elenco TPG70 Tone Generator Probe Set Buy Now $39.95
TRAK-100 Elenco TRAK-100 100 pc. Transistor Kit Buy Now $21.50
TTC-1 Elenco TTC1 Tip Tinner Cleaner Buy Now $9.95
UC-100 Elenco UC-100 Snap Circuits Upgrade Kit SC-300 to SCM-400 Buy Now $74.95
UC-30 Elenco UC-30 Snap Circuits Upgrade Kit SC-100 to SC-300 Buy Now $34.95
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UC-90 Elenco UC-90 Snap Circuits Upgrade Kit SCROV-10 to SCROV-50 Buy Now $45.95
UCDL Elenco UCDL Disc Launcher for the Snap Circuits RC Rover Buy Now $29.95
WJL-6000 Elenco WJL6000 Halogen Leak Detector Buy Now $49.95
WK-103 Elenco WK-103 Hook Up Wire Kit. 3- 25' Rolls (Red, Black, & Green) Buy Now $9.95
WK-106 Elenco WK-106 Hook Up Wire Kit. 6- 25' Rolls (Red, Black, Green, Yellow, White, & Blue) Buy Now $18.25
WS-1 Elenco WS-1 Anti-Static Wrist Strap Buy Now $4.25
WS-1Y Elenco WS-1Y Anti-Static Wrist Strap (Velcro) Buy Now $5.50
WS-2 Elenco WS-2 Anti-Static Work Mat 11" X 22" Buy Now $13.25
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XK-150 Elenco XK150 Digital/Analog Trainer Buy Now $141.50
XK-550 Elenco XK550 Digital/Analog Trainer in Case Buy Now $233.25
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XP-100 Elenco XP100 Deluxe Battery Eliminator Buy Now $69.95
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XR-38 Elenco XR38 Fixed Voltage Power Supply Regulated 13.8V @ 3A Buy Now $62.50
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ZD-931 Elenco ZD931 Soldering Station Deluxe Temperature Controlled Buy Now $99.95