Elenco GF-8056 Function Generator
with Built in 60MHz Frequency Counter

  • Decimal point Hz/kHz LED auto select
  • 5 digital red LED autorange counter
  • Auto gatetime
  • 4 function waveform
  • Amplitude with -20dB attenuator
  • Output level from 0.1Vpp to 20Vpp
  • EXT counter trigger level control and input attenuator -26dB
  • Rotary switch 4 range
  • Sweep rate from 10ms to 5s
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with Built in 60MHz Frequency Counter
Elenco GF8056 Shown

Product Information
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Main output
Frequency range 0.5Hz to 5MHz in 8 ranges
Waveforms 4 waveforms (sine, square, triangle, DC)
Stability 0.1% for 15 minutes, 0.2% for 24 hours
DC offset  Continuously variable +10V no load
Symmetry  50% (positive and negative half)
Linearity <1% 1Hz-100kHz for triangle wave
Distortion <1%, 1Hz to 100kHz
Rise / fall time <90ns for square wave
Output impedance 50Ω<2% accuracy
Max. output 20Vpp no load, 10Vpp 50Ωload
Min. output 0.1Vpp no load, 0.05Vpp 50Ωload
Attenuator X20: –26dB (+2% accuracy), X1: 0dB
Sync Output
Output impedance  50Ω<2% accuracy
Output level  TTL level, >3Vpp fixed amplitude
Fanout  >20
Rise time <60ns
VCF Input
Input voltage 0-10V
Input frequency DC-1kHz variance 1:1, 1:1,000
Output amplitude 10Vpp (no load) or 5Vpp (1kΩload)
Output frequency Continuous adjustment 0.2Hz - 100Hz
Sweep speed  10ms - 5s, continuously variable
Sweep width  1:1 - 1:100 continuously variable
Output waveform  Linear or log sweep ramp wave
Display 5 digit 0.36” red LED display with autorange
Resolution 0.001Hz
Time base  20MHz
Accuracy  <0.002%
Max. input voltage  250Vrms
Input impedance 1MΩ<2%
Input frequency 0.2Hz - 60MHz
Attenuator  0dB, –26dB
Gate time 0.25s - 10s, auto-setting
Sensitivity <30mVrms (1MHz)
Power source AC 115V / 230V +10%, 50/60Hz, 25W
Dimensions 10 13/16” (W) x 3 1/2” (H) x 11 13/16” (D)
Weight 5 lbs. 8 oz.
Safety approvals  <30mVrms (1MHz)
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