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Professional Soldering Tool Kit

Brand: EDSYN
Model No: CL1080-K
Our Model No: CL1080K
Condition: NEW
Sale $231.33

CL1080 Features:

  • Self contained soldering instrument with temperature control dial located right on the 'nothing-to-hide' clear view handle (no control box required)
  • Special models with higher maximum temperatures available (calibrated to 1000°F or 1200°F)
  • ESD safe


  • Dimensions: na
  • Power Requirements: 120V,60Hz
  • Power Rating: 9W-70W
  • Weight: 1lbs/.45kg
  • Heater: 120V, 70W
  • Temp Range: 400°F-800°F/205°C-427°C
  • Temp Regulation: ±6°F/±3°C

PT209 Features:

  • Micro tip version of PT109 for heavily populated circuit boards and precision work
  • Light weight petite barrel for smaller hands
  • Locking retractable shaft guide for portability and compact storage
  • Internal cleaning shaft self-cleans no-stick PTFE tip

The EDSYN CL1080-K Professional Soldering Tool Kit was made for your general soldering and desoldering needs. This kit comes complete with:
1-CL1080 70W 120V Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron
1-PT209 Micro-Tip Soldapullt III
1-TW108 Soldering & Wick Supply Holder
1-SW094-10 Replacement Wick
1-Soldering Tip Kit with LU374,LU429,LU376,LU424,and LU444

  • 1 x CL1080 70W 120V Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron
  • 1 x PT209 ESD Safe Soldapullt
  • 1 x TW108 Soldering & Wick Supply Holder
  • 1 x SW094x10 Replacement Wick
  • 1 x LU374 Soldering Tip
  • 1 x LU429 Soldering Tip
  • 1 x LU376 Soldering Tip
  • 1 x LU424 Soldering Tip1 x LU444 Soldering Tip
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