EdgeTech HTB60W
Wall mount Temperature/Barometric Pressure/RH Transmitter

  • The three measurements in one probe allows the end-user flexibility where space constraints are a concern
  • Wall mount
  • Field replaceable sensor tips where interchangeability is within ±1%.
  • 4-20mA (x3) scalable
  • RS-232 programmable and readable alarm, relays (x2) settable by end user
  • LCD display 2 line backlit
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Edgetech HTB60W

Product Information
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Wall mount temperature/barometric pressure/RH transmitter with a 2 line LCD display, three 4-20mA outputs, 2 programmable alarm relays and a RS232 (bi-directional) output

Specification HTB60W
Measured Parameters RH / Temperature / Pressure
Accuracy RH ±1%
Temperature ±0.5°C
Barometric Pressure ±3mb
Range RH 0-100%
Temperature -40°C to 60°C
Barometric Pressure 20 to 1110mb
Electrical Outputs 4-20mA (x3), scalable by end-user
RS-232C (bi-directional), programmable and readable
Alarm, relays (x2), settable by end-user
Digital display-LCD, 2 line backlit
Power Requirements 18 to 30Vdc, unregulated, 150mA max.
Dimensions 7.5” (19.05cm) * 3.6” (9.1cm) * 2.25” (5.71cm)
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HTB60W Edgetech HTB60W Wall mount Temperature/Barometric Pressure/RH Transmitter  Discontinued
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  • 1 - User Manual
Optional Accessories
FRSHTB Edgetech FRSHTB Field Replaceable Sensor Module for the HTB Series Discontinued