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EdgeTech 650
Precision Transmitter Control Unit

  • Highest precision ±1%RH
  • Housing with LED display
  • 4&2 wire technology, 4 to 20 mA for signal and power
  • Variable cable lengths up to 10m
  • Variable scaling of outputs signals possible
  • Rapid measurement with accurate temperature probes. The measuring instrument extrapolates the final value.
  • Highest precision due to system calibration (measuring instrument and probe) Calibration data is saved in the probe.
  • Calculates the physical humidity parameters:
    - Relative humidity (%RH)
    - Dew point, pressure dew point (tp, tdp)
    - Absolute humidity (g/m3)
    - Humidity levels (g/kg pressure-compensated)
  • Guaranteed long-term stability < 1% over 2 years
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Product Information
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Accurate Humidity measurements are becoming increasingly important, especially in energy savings, indoor air quality, environmental testing, and process control.

Highly accurate and reliable measurement and control of humidity and temperature is required for many industrial processes. The integrated microprocessor accepts the linearization and compensation for humidity over the whole range from -40 to 180°C. This guarantees highest accuracy of up to ±1%RH. In addition to relative humidity and temperature, dew point can also be calculated. Up to32 transducers can be analyzed on a PC. The optional LED display is easy to read.

The Model 650 incorporates a ±1% maintenance free humidity probe ideal for checking humidity measurements for validation of critical environments. It's rugged, com-pact and protected by a waterproof plastic housing. The humidity measuring range is 0-100%RH. The accuracy of this probe has been tested and proven time and again in worldwide laboratory tests. The probe is equipped with a patented %RH sensor.

The precision temperature/humidity measuring instrument includes the basic parameters: temperature, dew point and% RH.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
650C2  Edgetech 650-C2 Relative Humidity (%RH) Transmitter Wall Mount/Rail Mount. RH Sensor Probe (1%) included. (-20 to 70C) Discontinued
650C3   Edgetech 650-C3 Relative Humidity (%RH) Transmitter/Duct Mount. RH Sensor Probe (1%) included. (-20 to 120C) Discontinued
650C4120  Edgetech 650-C4 Relative Humidity (%RH) Transmitter/5' Remote Mount. RH Sensor Probe (1%) included. (-40 to 120C)   Discontinued
650C4180  Edgetech 650-C4 Relative Humidity (%RH) Transmitter/5' Remote Mount. RH Sensor Probe (1%) included. (-20 to 180C)  Discontinued
650C480  Edgetech 650-C4 Relative Humidity (%RH) Transmitter/5' Remote Mount. RH Sensor Probe (1%) included. (-40 to 80C)   Discontinued

Accessories for C2-C4

-RH1Edgetech RH1 Additional %RH Element and Factory NIST Calibration @ 1% Discontinued
-RH2Edgetech RH2 Additional %RH Element. Field replacable @ 2% Discontinued
LED Edgetech LED Light Emitting Diode (LED) Display Discontinued
RS485 Edgetech RS485; RS-485 Output. Includes Display. Discontinued
FILM Edgetech FIL/M Sintered Metal Filter Discontinued
FILT Edgetech FIL/T Teflon Filter Discontinued
ADDC Edgetech ADDC 5m Additional cable Discontinued
FM Edgetech FM Flange/Duct Mount Discontinued
RTD Edgetech RTD Additional Temperature Element Discontinued
115VAC Edgetech 115 VAC Input Voltage Discontinued
230VAC Edgetech 230 VAC Input Voltage Discontinued

Obsolete Accessories