EdgeTech DewMaster/DM
Dew Point Hygrometer

  • EdgeTech field-proven chilled mirror technology
  • Capable of measuring dew point, absolute pressure, PPMv
    and other psychometric variables
  • Primary chilled mirror measurement of water vapor
    content in gas
  • Wide measuring range (-75 to 100°C)
  • Automatic correction for mirror contaminants
  • Certified measurements against NIST traceable standards
  • Standard features, where others charge extra
  • Analog & RS232 outputs
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EdgeTech DM Shown
Product Information
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The DewMaster DM Dew Point Hygrometer complete with Automatic Balance Cycle (ABC), Programmable Balance cycle (PABC), Manual Balance Cycle, real time clock with date, measurements in °C and °F, scalable voltage and current outputs, RS232, two programmable alarms, Control Servo for Mirror temperature overrides (Heat and Cool), One year warranty and instruction manual.

Optional temperature probe and pressure transducers available for %RH, AT, PPmv, and Pressure. A chilled mirror dew point sensor selection is required for the DewMaster to function correctly.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
DMEdgetech DM DewMaster Dew Point Hygrometer Buy Now$2,695.00
DM-NEdgetech DM-N Dewmaster Hygrometer with Wall Mounted Closure Buy Now$4,675.00

Chilled Mirror Dew Point Sensors (required)


DM-S1 Edgetech DM-S1 Single Stage Sensor Assembly (45C Depression) Discontinued
DM-S1P Edgetech DM-S1P Single Stage High Pressure Sensor Assembly Discontinued
DM-S2Edgetech DM-S2 Two Stage Sensor Assembly (65C Depression) Buy Now$4,895.00
DM-S2PEdgetech DM-S2P Two Stage High Pressure Sensor Assembly (65C Depression) Buy Now$5,170.00
DM-S2SCEdgetech DM-S2SC Two Stage Self Cooling Sensor Assembly (65C Depression) Buy Now$5,225.00
DM-S3Edgetech DM-S3 Three Stage Sensor Assembly (95C Depression) Buy Now$7,893.00


DM-DS1 Edgetech DM-DS1 Single Stage Sensor Assembly Insertion Probe (45C Depression) Discontinued
DM-DS2Edgetech DM-DS2 Two Stage Sensor Assembly Insertion Probe (60C) Buy Now$5,033.00

Psychometric Variables: Option Packages

DM-PPMEdgetech DM-PPM PPMv (by volume) output, fixed pressure at 1 Atmosphere Buy Now$220.00
DM-GR Edgetech DM-GR Grains per pound output, fixed pressure at 1 atmosphere Discontinued


DM-ATDMEdgetech DM-ATDM Air Temperature Probe with Stainless Steel Sheath , 10 foot cable and connector Buy Now$231.00
DM-PTDMEdgetech DM-PTDM Pressure Transducer, 0-25 PSIA or 1-150 PSIA, or 0-300 PSIA Buy Now$1,485.00

Optional Accessories

DM-DXEdgetech DM-DX Additional Box of Elements for DM Buy Now$83.00
DM-FILEdgetech DM-FIL Filter Kit for the DM DewMaster Hydrometer Buy Now$165.00
DMOREdgetech DM-OR O-Ring for Sensor Assembly Discontinued
DMPC Edgetech DM-PC Power Cord Discontinued
DM-PMDMEdgetech DM-PMDM Panel Mounting Kit with 19" Panel Buy Now$440.00
DM-PPMEdgetech DM-PPM PPMv (by volume) output, fixed pressure at 1 Atmosphere Buy Now$220.00
DM-RCEdgetech DM-RC Remote Mounting Kit with 10ft of Cable Buy Now$550.00
DM-RKEdgetech DM-RK Remote Mounting Kit with 6ft of cable Buy Now$485.00
DM-RMDMEdgetech DM-RMDM Rack Mounting kit with DM-PMDM Buy Now$550.00
DM-SA/.1Edgetech DM-SA/.1 Special Accuracy (0.1C), NIST Certified Buy Now$660.00
DM-SA/.15Edgetech DM-SA/.15 0.15C Special Accuracy, Traceable to NIST Buy Now$550.00
DMSC Edgetech DM-SC Sensor Assembly Cap Discontinued
DMSM115 Edgetech DM-SM/115 Sample Module 115 VAC operation Discontinued
DMSM230 Edgetech DM-SM/230 Sample Module 230 VAC operation Discontinued
DM-XPEdgetech DM-XP Explosion Proof Sensor Housing for S1, S2, S1P, and S2P Buy Now$3,300.00
DM-XPCEdgetech DM-XPC Explosion Proof Sensor Housing with Cooling Ports for S1, S2, S1P, a S2P Buy Now$3,400.00
DM-3YSC Edgetech DM-3YSC 3 year service contract for the DM (DewMaster) Discontinued