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EdgeTech 650-C1
Hand Held Meter Logger

  • Highest precision ±1%RH
  • Housing with LED display
  • Internal data memory
  • Convenient data analysis
  • Extensive professional probe range
  • Humidity measurements at up to70°C in drying systems
  • Precise dew point probes with quick disconnect
  • Recognizes condensate, thus preventing damage to the compressed air system
  • Measures equilibrium moisture (e.g. in bulky material)
  • Displays the following parameters at the touch of a button:
    - Temperature
    - Relative Humidity
    - Absolute Humidity
    - Dew Point
    - Degree of Humidity
    - Enthalpy
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Product Information
Datasheet 252 KB
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Accurate humidity measurements are becoming increasingly important, especially in regards to energy savings, indoor air quality and environmental protection. Model 650 offers the new modular system approach allowing you to purchase the instrument that currently meets your requirements, yet upgrade at a later time to meet your future measuring needs.

Our modular design allows for easy upgrades to the instrument as they are developed, this way you will always have a measuring instrument corresponding to the latest technology. Model 650 incorporates a 1% maintenance free humidity probe ideal for checking humidity measurements for validation of critical environments.

The hygrometer is rugged, compact and protected by a waterproof plastic housing. The humidity measuring range is 0-100%RH with an accuracy of ±1%RH10-90%, ±2% remaining range. The accuracy of this probe has been tested and proven time and again in world wide laboratory tests. The probe is equipped with a patented %RH sensor.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
650-C1 Edgetech 650-C1 Hand Held Meter Logger Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • (1) Probe Connection Cable
Probe Selection (Required)
1PERCENT Edgetech 1% - Highly Accurate Reference Humidity Probe (+/-1%, 10-90%RH) Buy Now $876.00
-PS Edgetech PS Standard Pressure Probe (-22F to +122F) Discontinued
-PP Edgetech PP Precision Pressure Probe (-40F to +122F) Discontinued
Optional Accessories
-CAL Edgetech CAL %RH Interface Calibration Kit Discontinued
-CBL Edgetech CBL 5ft probe connection cable Discontinued
-CC Edgetech CC Plastic carrying case with straps and magnetic holder. Protects instruments from impacts Discontinued
-COM Edgetech COM RS232 communication cable Discontinued
-COMSOFT 3 Edgetech Comsoft 3 Software Discontinued
-IRP Edgetech IRP IR Printer Discontinued
650-C1-RB Edgetech 650-C1-RB Rechargable batteries with recharger Discontinued
-RH1 Edgetech RH1 Additional %RH Element and Factory NIST Calibration @ 1% Discontinued
-RH2 Edgetech RH2 Additional %RH Element. Field replacable @ 2% Discontinued