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EdgeTech 200M
Meteorological Humidity System

  • Primary measurement technique
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Certificate of Traceability to NIST provided
  • Sensing scheme discriminates between dew and contamination
  • Reduces maintenance requirements
  • No drift, no hysteresis
  • Fast response
  • No sensor calibration required
  • Self-diagnostics and continuous unattended operation. No balancing or other adjustments required
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EdgeTech 200M Shown
Product Information
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The Model 200M is a complete instrument for the measurement of Atmospheric Dew Point, Ambient Temperature, % Relative Humidity, or other Psychrometric Variables. It employs the very reliable optical chilled mirror sensing technique which provides a primary measurement of dew point, and is traceable to NIST.

The Model 200M is ideally suited for installations requiring continuous, automatic, and unattended measurement of humidity over a very wide range. Automatic Balance Control (ABC) cycle corrects the light reducing effects of mirror contaminants and allows for continuous monitoring and virtually maintenance-free operation. This is the first and only chilled mirror technology that truly reduces the need for cleaning by the incorporation of self-diagnostics, which indicates to the user, locally via an LED light source and remotely via logic level TTL signal, when and if maintenance is required.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
200MEdgetech 200M Meteorological Humidity System Buy Now$5,775.00

Chilled Mirror Dew Point Sensors
Required for Unit to Function


200M-D1Edgetech 200M-D1 Sensor Assembly Probe: Single Stage (45C Depression) Discontinued
See: 200MD2
200M-D2Edgetech 200M-D2 Sensor Assembly Probe: Two Stage (60C Depression) Buy Now$7,948.00

Psychometric Variables Option Packages

200M-ATEdgetech 200M-AT Ambient Temperature Kit. Includes AT board, probe, and 1-10VDC analog output Buy Now$358.00
200M-GREdgetech 200M-GR Grains per pound output kit. Fixed pressure at 1 atmosphere Buy Now$165.00
200M-RHEdgetech 200M-RH Relative Humidity Kit. Includes %RH computer and 1-10VDC analog output Buy Now$550.00
200M-WBEdgetech 200M-WB Web Bulb Temperature Measurement Kit. Requires -AT option Buy Now$165.00

Output Options

200M-AO/2Edgetech 200M-AO/2 Current Output, 4-20 mA DC output for dew point and AT Buy Now$550.00
200MAO5Edgetech 200M-AO/5 Voltage output, 0-1 VDC output for dew point and AT Discontinued
200M-SCALEdgetech 200M-SCAL Special Output scaling for 4-20mA output Buy Now$165.00

Optional Accessories

200M-3YSCEdgetech 200M-3YSC 3 year service contract Discontinued
200M-AFEdgetech 200M-AF Air Flow Switch Buy Now$545.00
200M-AFC Edgetech 200M-AFC Air Flow Switch, Relay Contact Discontinued
200M-CMEdgetech 200M-CM Clean Mirror Relay Contact Buy Now$110.00
200M-NTEdgetech 200M-NT NIST Tracable Ambient temperature probe, standard accuracy Buy Now$165.00
200M-PCBEdgetech 200M-PCB Main 200M Control Unit PCB Buy Now$1,980.00
200M-SA/.2Edgetech 200M-SA/.2; 0.2 Special accuracy, tracable to NIST Buy Now$220.00