Eclipse 902-491
Longitudinal Cable Slitter

  • For slitting and stripping round cables exceeding 1" diameter
  • Removes all kinds of insulation layers
  • Suitable for longitudinal and circular cutting
  • Knob adjusts cutting depth up to 13/64" for different cable sheath thickness
  • Blade fully retracts inside body for storage
  • Replaceable blade (both sides can be used) is available
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Eclipse 902-491 Shown

The Eclipse 902-491 Longitudinal Cable Slitter is a high quality tool used for the slitting and removal of all types of insulation of cable 1.0" or greater in diameter. It is ideal for fiber optic drop lines. The cutting depth can be adjusted from 0 - 13/64" to accommodate various insulation thicknesses. The 902491 can slit along the length of cable or around the circumference of the cable.

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