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Eclipse 902-513

Soldering Iron, Suitable for All Electronics Hobbyists and Industrial Users, Lead-Free Soldering for RoHS, Dual Watt 30-60W, 120V AC

Brand: Eclipse
Model No: 902-513
Our Model No: 902513
Condition: NEW
Sale $18.00
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Product Features:

  • 30-60W dual wattage professional soldering iron
  • Suitable for all electronics hobbyists, as well as industrial users
  • Suitable for lead-free soldering for RoHS

The Eclipse 902513 is a Soldering Iron, Dual Watt 30-60W, 120V AC. The Eclipse 902-513 is suitable for all electronics hobbyists and industrial users, and is suitable for lead-free soldering for RoHS. Additionally, the Eclipse 902-512 Soldering Iron features a soft-grip ergnomic handle and a three position switch (off, 15W and 30W), built for longevity with a high quality tip.

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