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Eclipse 902-190
12-Inch Magnetic Level

  • General purpose magnetic level.
  • Strongest magnets flush mounted, work hands-free.
  • Die-cast aluminum body with milled base.
  • Epoxy powder-coated yellow finish.
  • 3 vials read plumb, level, and 45 degrees.
  • Accurate, lightweight and fast.
  • Designed for tile installer and everyday use.
  • Easy cleaning, absolutely waterproof.
  • Always accurate, work with confidence and speed.
  • Big, clear, easy to read top mounted horizontal vial.
  • Rugged, takes rough handling.

Click here for larger image - Eclipse 902-190 12-inch Magnetic LevelClick here for larger image - Eclipse 902-190 12-inch Magnetic Level
Eclipse 902-190 Shown

The Eclipse 902-190 12 inch Magnetic Level is useful for determining how straight an level field is. The magnet built in allows it to cling to a metal surface, freeing a person's hands to alter and manipulate the surface until it is perfectly straight.
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902190 Eclipse 902-190 Magnetic Level - 12 Inch with 3 vials Discontinued